When Girl Meets Curls: China` Dexter

Name China Dexter
Birthday: March 21
State: New York
Started Transitioning: 2008
Big Chop: 2009  

TN:What is your hair story?
China: I had been getting relaxers since the age of 9. And I was tired of the breakage caused by them. I tried cutting and starting over but nothing worked. I finally just decided to grow it natural. My motivation was when I saw this lady on Chris Rock's movie saying "what's wrong with letting your hair be the way it is when growing from your root." That always stuck with me. In my transition phase I let my new growth get to a nice size Afro and did the "big chop". I wore weave and wigs to keep from looking at the different textures. That helped me from wanting to give up and relax it.         

TN: What is your hair routine?
China: I wash my hair every one to two weeks. I try to keep it braided every night in big braids to keep from breakage. I trim my ends on the regular. I get hot oil treatments, keeping it from being dry is a must!! Over all, I just try not to do to much to it. 
TN: What are some of your favorite hair products? 
China: Carols Daughter Chocolate Sulfate Free Shampoo, Condtioner, Puddy, and Blow Dry Cream. I also like African Royale Hot Six Oil (good for any type of moisturizing)

TN: What are some of your favorite hair products? 
China: Extra =): a big misconception I had was if I go natural it would be easier to manage my hair. Wrong!! It's just as time consuming as working with relaxed hair if not more. But you have healthier hair to deal with. Just know that patience will be the biggest asset needed! Know you will have some not so stylish diva days, keep the bigger picture in mind!!

Thank you China for sharing your hair story!

You can find China on Instagram @finechina8825 and Twitter @Lady_China88


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