March 2013 - Natural of the Month: Adreanna Terrell

Name: Adreanna Terrell  
Natural Since: 12/26/2011  
Birth Date: March 30  
State: Florida

Tiffany Nicole: What made you decide to go Natural?
Adreanna: Growing up I always envied my mom and aunt’s “Back in the Day” photos of their afros and trendy outfits.  I was always in love with the 70’s era. I wished that I could have spent my teen years there.    Lol! J  No, but seriously, I originally contemplated the thought of going natural in efforts to save money. I began searching for natural hair websites for information that would help me on my journey. In the process, I encountered a moving clip of Kathleen Cleaver expressing “Why we wear our hair like that” that made my reasons for going natural much deeper than just saving money. So to answer your question…  I went NATURAL because it is BEAUTIFUL. I went NATURAL because GOD intended my hair to be this way. I went NATURAL because it gives me STRENGTH. And did I mention that it’s BEAUTIFUL… Can you dig it?!?

Tiffany Nicole: Did you transition or BC “Big Chop”?
Adreanna: I transitioned for 4 months. Throughout these months, I became more and more in love with my curly roots. It was like being pregnant and longing to see your unborn child. I couldn’t wait to see the greatness taking form beneath. I felt like a Queen was about to be born. During this waiting period, I resorted to Natural style wigs and hair pieces. This stage allowed me to get accustomed to what I would look like as a Natural. I would have transitioned longer but became impatient with caring for 2 textures. I found during those months, the relaxed hair was starting to badly break off and I just couldn’t take it anymore. December 26, 2011… this was the day I did my Big Chop… And a Queen was born!

Tiffany Nicole: What were your fears going in and how did you overcome them?
Adreanna: In the process of transitioning, I had doubts… doubts of being looked at a certain way and doubts of being beautiful without my relaxed hair. I feared that I would be ridiculed by my family and coworkers. And most of all, I feared that my husband wouldn’t look at me the same way with kinky hair as he did with me having straight hair. The way I overcame my fears was by simply reminding myself that I “AM” beautiful inside and out. God makes no mistakes. He intended for me to look this way. It also helped that I had a supportive husband who has stopped me many of times from breaking down and getting that relaxer. Lol! You have to realize during this natural hair journey, all days are not going to be perfect. You are going to have some good days and then you are going to embark on some trying times when your hair is just going to do whatever the heck it wants to do.

Tiffany Nicole: What is your hair routine?
Adreanna: I wash and condition my hair every two weeks with Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner. I then apply Taliah Waajid Leave in Conditioner. During this step I comb my hair out using a wide tooth comb. Once it is all combed out I allow my hair to air dry, but not completely. I then section my hair and apply a little of the curly cream and protein gel. Then proceed to do a two strand twist. After this step, I allow it to dry completely. I find that I do not get the same outcome if twisted while wet. I always get a better result using this method. It makes my hair fuller. As a refresher, I spritz my hair with a little water then rub a little of the Redken Smoothing Serum throughout my hair. This product is the best! It makes my hair soo soft and adds a little shine.

Tiffany Nicole: List some of your favorite hair products?
·         Raw Black Soap
·         Shea Butter
·         Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo
·         Garnier Frucits Triple Nutrition Conditioner
·         Glass 01 Smoothing Serum by Redken
·         Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream
·         Taliah Waajid Leave in Condition
·         Ampro Pro Styl Protein Gel

Tiffany Nicole: What makes you are happy with your decision?
Adreanna: I am happy with my decision because being natural allows my inner beauty to shine more. It gives me strength the further I travel on this journey. 

Tiffany Nicole: What advice would you give someone considering going natural or who is new to being natural?
Adreanna: Don’t let fear of what people think keep you from beginning this beautiful journey. I have found that this journey has helped me build my self-confidence, as it will yours. Patience is a virtue. With patience you will began to see and feel yourself transform into the Glorious Queen that is hiding inside you. LOVE your hair, EMBRACE your beauty, INSPIRE others to see the beauty within themselves…

Thank you so much Adreanna for sharing your story with us! Isn't she fab? My first impression of Adreanna when I first met her was that she is a very humble, sweet woman who still has sass, charm, and inner confidence that showed on the outside. Her beautiful confidence, and her style drew me to her and after speaking with her, I knew that I had to find out more about her journey as a natural. After finding out her story, I picked her as my feature for the month. Click here for more photos of Adreanna's gorgeous hair and smile. 

Love. Embrace. Inspire.


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