On The Sofa With Thaleah "Left Handed_ Art"

1). Hi, tell us your name and where you are from?
My name is Thaleah and I'm from Toronto, Canada. 

2). What is the inspiration behind your art?

I gain inspiration from all forms of art (music, dance, theatre, art), as well as random things that stem from culture, fashion, people and life in general. I feel that my inspiration ultimately puts my innovative mind to work to where I can create and design new things, especially fashion.

Stylish by Thaleah a.k.a "Lefthanded_Art"

3). Out of all of your inspirations, what area most inspires you?
Fashion design is one of my major interests and I plan on learning how to bring my fashion sketches to life one day. I believe that fashion and art go hand in hand in terms of creativity and self-expression which is why I like to combine the two in my artwork.

Elle Boogie by Thaleah aka "Lefthanded_Art"

4). Would you say that this is a natural talent for you?

Yes. I have always had an artistic and creative mind since I was very young. I feel that it is a blessing to be gifted with natural talent and I would not want my talent to go to waste, this is why I want to share my artwork with the world. As an artistic individual I am constantly learning and evolving along with my artwork and I remain humbled and appreciative that people take interest in my creations.
Reflection by Thaleah  aka "Lefthanded_Art"

5). Where can we find more of your work?
My drawings can be purchased as an art print, framed art print, or canvas. Also available are pillows, tote bags, hoodies, t-shirts, iphone/ipad cases and stationary cards. Get yours today and showcase art with style in your home and wardrobe.

6). Where can we find you?
Website: http://society6.com/ThalzS/prints
Email: artiste22@gmail.com

Instagram: Lefthanded_art


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