National Best Friends' Day!

Hi Lady Luvs! Today is National Best Friends Day, a day where best friends share with the world their love and appreciation of each other. In celebration of National Best Friend Day, I had the pleasure of interviewing this group of beautiful women who exude the meaning of true friendship and I wanted to feature them to show that true friendship still exists! As I watch and follow them on Instagram, I admire their friendship and know that they are truly an inspiration to black women everywhere, to stay supportive and to appreciate each other's uniqueness. This fantastic four empowers, supports, protects, and love each other. They share a bond that is unbreakable. They are Florida's "Girlfriends". Though this is one strong group of women, they are four uniquely different women who each bring something special to the group. Let's find out more about this fantastic four!

 Virgina a.k.a Jayah
I was born to Haitian parents in Virginia & my first name is Virginia. I was raised in Florida & I am 5 out of 7 siblings.  I have a Bachelor’s in Business & work in property management with a real estate company. I enjoy all kinds of genres of music, history in addition to learning new & odd things about anything, meeting different people from different places.  I’m an animal lover & wish to visit all the famous zoos in the US; I strive to try one new thing every year(including food), I’m a foodie in the way where I’m interested in the ingredients & preparation vs being obsessed with food.  I love spending time & chit chatting with my girls of course!!  

What is the meaning of friendship to you?
One of my favorite quotes basically sums up my meaning of friendship: When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand.” ~ Henri Nouwen 

How and when did you meet your girls?
This is hard one for me because my memory isn't the best, I want to say we met in elementary school or I knew of Sao & Farah since elementary school, however, our official meeting, I don’t recall (sorry, that’s so bad)

What makes your bond so strong?
I think our bond is so strong, for one, we have so much in common, it’s crazy! We’re about the same age, Sao & Farah’s sisterly bond is basically a mirror image of Mommie & I. The similarities don’t stop there, our childhood, family size, background, culture, interest are all the same.  Additionally, we can relate on so many levels because all the things we have in common, lastly, & the most important is our trust & support for each other.

How important is it to you to have supportive friends?
I think support is vital in any relationship especially friendships, we each have our own interest, aspirations, life events, etc…  Having the girls there in these areas of my life & the same for them only fortifies our bond as time passes.

What is the most important quality in a friendship for you?
I would have to say trust, if I am not able to share things about myself with a friend because I know that “friend” will run off & share information about me to others, then I am unable to call that person a friend.

What do you say you bring to the friendship?
Wow, this one’s a toughie, I’m questioning what the girls would say to this one. I guess I would say, I bring trust, respect and nurture. 

Any advice on friendship?
Absolutely, be a friend that you would want.  Don’t force friendship upon anyone, it should be effortless, it should flow and compatibility is super important.

What do you love the most about (Sao, Farah, Mommie)?
This is question is already making me laugh!! 

I love how frank Sao is, she’s continuous about it too, if you ask her anything, whether you like or not, she will give you a truthful answer. I love that Farah is the comedian in the quad; she is hilarious & very expressive! Mommie, is insane, she’s the life of the party, & I always tell her that she was raised by a pack of drag queens & I absolutely love that about her, never a dull moment with these girls period!

Saonara a.k.a Sao
I am Haitian-American born in New York and raised in Orlando Florida. I currently hold a Master's degree in Management & Leadership. My husband and I own and manage a real estate investment company where we buy, remodel and sell properties. I enjoy reading and spending quality time with my family.

What does friendship mean to me?
Friendship to me is very important and I cherish those I call true friends. Everyone needs that one person you can talk to about anything without the fear of being judged or misunderstood. Friendship is about being honest and true. It also means being loyal and trustworthy.

How and when did I meet Emilie (aka Mommie) and Virginia (aka Jayah): Farah of course is my sister and I've pretty much known her my whole life. Although we were separated for a short time when were children. Virginia and Emilie I've known since grade school. Our parents were friends and we lived in the same neighborhood growing up.

What makes our bond so strong?
I think the reason our bond is so strong is because we understand each other as individuals. We love and appreciate our differences. There's no jealousy or competition between us. We're always there for each other in good and bad times.

How important is it to have supportive friends?
Having supportive friends is extremely important in maintaining a healthy friendship. I consider these girls to be very supportive. Although we may not speak to or see each other all the time, I know when I need them the most they are always there to lend an ear or a shoulder. And for that I am grateful.

What is the most important quality in friendship? 
To me, trust is the most important quality in any friendship. Because trust allows me to share private issues with my friend knowing that it will not be shared with others.

What do I bring to the friendship: 
I bring honesty and trust.

Any advice on friendship: In any relationship I think communication is very important. Don't make assumptions on how a friend is feeling, ask them. Sometimes nonverbal communication maybe misunderstood and could cause problems in a friendship.

What do I love most about Jayah, Mommie, Farah?
I love how Jayah is there when you need her, very reliable and trustworthy. Also love and admire her sense of style. I love Mommie's care free attitude. She lives for herself and doesn't take what others think or say personal. I love how Farah is the most caring and giving person I know. When she loves, she loves deeply and will give you her last. 

Hi I'm Farah, born in Haiti raised in Orlando Florida. I'm a wife and a mother of two. My kids are my everything! I love life and the people in it. I enjoy reading, shopping, hair & make up. I am very spiritual not religious. I am the daughter of the Most High, and no one can tell me different.. I'm funny, shy, beautiful inside & out! My love language is giving.

How and when did you meet (Sao, Mommie, Jayah)?
We met in grade school.  And our parents knew each other. 

What makes your bond so strong?
The love and respect we have for each other. 

How important is it to you to have supportive friends?
It's very important, as females we do enough bashing on one another. So having a group of females that u can lean on is everything to me. I love my girls ❤ 

What is the most important quality in a friendship for you? Honesty, understanding and respect.

What do you say you bring to the friendship? 

I say myself, love, compassion, humor, sisterhood.

What I love about Sao, Mommie and Jayah?

What I love most about Sao is she's a go-getter and strong personality and that smile :-D What I love most about Mommie is her realness. And what I love most about Jayah is her style, exotic look, and her old soul.


Emilie a.k.a Mommie

My name is Emilie Andre aka (Mommie) I live in my Miami and right now I work with a bar tending agency, and  my hobbies are experiencing different types of food, I love dancing and music, and my favorite hobby is enjoying life.

What is the meaning of friendship? For me it would be respect.

How did you meet?  

Virginia is my older sister and Sao we went to the same elementary school and we had 1st grade together and I was introduced to Farah by her sister Sao.

What makes your bond strong? 

We don't compete with each other.

How important is it to have supportive friends? 

It's very important especially when your friends have a positive effect on you.

What is the most important quality in a friendship for you? Communication

What do you say you bring to the friendship? 

A good time!

Any advice on friendship?  

Don't ever compete with true friends always support them in any situation and always be honest with each other true friendship is never complicated.

What I love about Jayah, Sao and Farah?

As kids growing up Jayah didn't only play a sister role she also played a mother role and I will always love her for that. I love that Sao is such a loving a strong woman and she speaks her mind so I know there is never anything fake coming from her. Farah is always there to listen and her sense of humor always has us laughing so hard and who doesn't love a good laugh.

 Blogger's Note:
True friendship is hard to come by. People come and go in our lives, but a true friend always remains. What I've learned about friendship is to look at quality over quantity. Not only in the number of friends vs. the quality of friendship but also in that best friends may not talk every single day, or hang out often, but when you need her, she is always there with open arms, ready to cry with you, pray with you, celebrate with you and love you as a sister should. A friend who really loves you, will value you and celebrate when you accomplish a goal in your life not become jealous, envious and competitive. A true friend will not judge, compete or compare herself to you. In areas in which she is weak, you may find that you are stronger, and in areas where you are weak she is stronger. I always say, that I befriend the people I befriend because they are unique. They fill a place in my life that only they can fill. So as you evaluate the relationships in your life, look for these traits to help you distinguish your real friends. 

I have watched these four women and have been encouraged to know, that true friendship does exist. Thank you ladies for sharing with us your friendship, and inspiring us to be better friends to the ones we have, and the ones who may be on their way. You can find this fantastic four on Instagram:

Jayah:       @Jayah_aka_thecatlady
Sao:           @Saosmilez
Farah:       @Exoticfarah
Mommie:  @Mommie_ftgs

Happy Best Friend Day!


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