On The Sofa With Davia of TheDynaSmiles

LEI: Tell us about yourself!
DS: My name is Daveia and I am the owner and illustrator behind The DynaSmiles by DNT. I am married to the greatest guy in the world named Edmund and we have a one year old son who is just awesome. Oh, and we live in New Jersey!

LEI: Are you a natural? If so, how long have you been natural?
DS: Yes! I haven't had a perm since December 2009.

LEI: What was your motivation to return your hair to its natural state?
DS: It started out as a bet between my sister and I. We wanted to see who would go the longest without a perm. About 4 months in, I became pregnant and didn't like the idea of having anything chemical in my hair or on my skin. Between the bet and the baby, my hair surprisingly flourished in its natural state to the point where I doubted I would ever get a perm again. Well, I won the bet and my sister has since come to the natural side with me!

LEI: Tell us about The DynaSmiles and how you got started?
DS: The DynaSmiles is an extention of my graphic design company DNT Dynamite Design, LLC. Clients loved my illustration work and often asked if I had any pre-made designs they could purchase right away. I said I did not; they said I should. At tht same time, my love and interest in stationery, in particular, invitations, grew as I worked on designs for my own wedding. In researching the market, I was shocked to find so little designs that accurately represented people of color. We're beautiful people and I realized I had to do my part in filling the void.

LEI: What is the inspiration for your brand?
DS: Well, to put it plainly... God is my inspiration. The JOY of the Lord really is my strength and I am happy living a life after Christ. So the JOY I have inside is what comes out when I draw a smile unto any one of my characters; hence the name "The DynaSmiles." Significant to the brand are our lively and colorful character illustrations drawn with the brightest of smiles to help celebrate life's most precious & exciting moments. And so, the products available under our brand are our personal invitation for you to experience life the way we do...with great joy, appreciation and yes, a smile.

LEi: What are some of your favorite products from you business?
DS: I love them all! LOL! But customers are really enjoying "My Smile" phone cases which debuted recently. They are our shining stars for Summer 2013 with their distinct hairstyles and bright smiles. We also carry a vast array of party invitations, thank you notes, journals and will be turning up the heat with our t-shirt line!

LEI: What can customers expect from The DynaSmiles?
DS:  Customers can expect tot find superior quality products to match the beautifully drawn patterns and character illustrations we come up with everyday. We also pride ourselves in offering the best customer service experience possible; an attribute that many businesses have sadly neglected.

LEI: What is your ultimate vision for the brand?
DS:  My ultimate vision for The DynaSmiles is to have it grow into a recognized brand that continues to execute the highest quality in the design work and craftsmanship of each and every product. 

LEI: Where would you like to see the brand in the next 10 years?
DS:  I walk the showcase floor of any retailer, I can picture my product sitting on their shelves. Passerbys may think I am trying to find a product to purchase but what I am really doing is figuring out how my product would fit into that spot.

LEI: Where can we find you online? 
Do you have any social media pages?
DS: www.thedynasmiles.com You can also find us by visiting www.dntdynamite.com. Our social media screen name [almost everywhere] is "thedynasmiles" and our favorite places to interact with our customers and fans is through Instagram and Facebook.
LEI: Daveia, thank you so much for sharing how your business started. I am definitely a fan of  The DynaSmiles and all that you represent. Matthew 5:16 "Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." Leading by example by living a life that brings glory and honor to God. If you are looking for a unique gift for your mother, daughter, sister or friend visit The DynaSmiles! I absolutely love my phone case!


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