October 2013 - Natural of the Month: Briana

Briana Hunter

TN: What made you decide to go natural?
Briana: I made the decision to go natural because I really began disliking how flat ironed hair felt and I truly missed my curly hair. I literally woke up one day, touched my straightened hair and said "thats it!" From that day on, I began researching healthy hair techniques and haven't looked back since. Being natural is so empowering for me! By taking care of my hair, I also chose to take care of my mind, body and cleanse negative people out of my life. My hair has changed ALOT in my life and for that I adore my hair...seriously.

TN: Did you transition or BC "Big Chop"?
Briana: I transitioned initially because I was not comfortable walking around with short hair. I wore braids, senegalese twists and also weaves for a brief period of time. During my transitioning stage is when I experimented with different products and became a product junkie. Luckily, I now know what works for me. Transitioning was hard because as my new hair grew in, I hated my heat damaged straight ends. It was time to cut my hair!

TN: What were your fears going in and how did you overcome them?

Briana: I knew a big chop was necessary because I had so much heat damage but I was too worried about how society would view me. I was the female who was in the hair shop every two weeks and my roots had to be bone straight. Because of this routine, it was hard to go from super straight hair to short natural hair. I wasn't ready!!! After doing lots of research on the science of hair and what promotes growth I stopped caring about all that and realized I needed to do what was best for BRI. With the constant support of my husband, I finally cut my hair. Best decision EVER because it grew back so quickly! 

TN: Name some reasons why you are happy about your decision.
Briana: The main reason I am so happy about going natural is being able to share tips and advice with the ladies who are just getting started with their journey. I have had many days where I felt discouraged and wanted to straighten my hair but I never gave up no matter what. When ladies tell me that I inspire them to refrain from using heat that makes me smile. Aside from the lovely ladies I get to help, I am happy because I am proud of the health of my hair. Every natural is different, I view natural hair like finger prints...noone's hair is identically the same and it has so much versatility. I love rocking my unique hair, it makes me happy everyday!

TN: What are some of your favorite hair products?

Briana: My hair has so many needs, so it really depends on whats necessary at the time. I love Mane n' Tail, Vatika hair products, various oils, Tresemme conditioner, Nexxus humectant shampoo and I use alot of Ayurvedic products in the fall/winter. 


TN: What is your hair routine?
Briana: My regimen right now is co washing first with any Tresemme conditioner, I do this to detangle under water. Then I shampoo with Nexxus humectant shampoo to remove scalp residue, then I condition again with Aussie Moist conditioner. Every 2-3 weeks I deep condition with Vatika egg and protein treatment or Camille Rose Algae hair mask. After that I put my hair in two french braids and my hair is ready for the week. This is how I retain my length.

TN: What advice would you give someone considering going natural or who is new to being natural?
Briana:First thing, do what makes you feel comfortable but always keep in mind what is required in order to reach your goals. If you want shoulder length natural hair, perhaps wearing your hair down everyday of the week isn't the best option. Retaining length is key! Also, don't feel discouraged if other naturals have a texture or length you want...embrace what you have because trust me, there is probably someone who really wants hair just like yours. Love every day as a natural, just like children grow up fast, your hair will grow and you will miss your short hairstyles. Love your hair at every stage!!!

TN: List your social networking sites so we may connect with you further.
Instagram- B_r_i_b_r_i

Thank you Briana for sharing your hair story with us! You are such a  beautiful inspiration.Your hair is amazing and your style is out of this world! It was a pleasure to interview you!

Love. Embrace.Inspire - Tiffany 


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