On the Sofa with Keturah Ariel

Keturah Ariel

TN: Hi, tell us your name and where you are from?
Hello! I'm Keturah Ariel Nailah Bobo and I'm from Columbus, Ohio by way of Detroit, Michigan.

TN: Tell us about your art and how you got started?
Doing art makes me feel more like myself. My mom is artistic and she nurtured that in me while growing up. I don't really like to be put in a box, but I've always thought I was an expressionist painter for some reason. Currently though, my art is a little all over the place, but I like to see it as the most positive reflection of who I am. Even when I may be encountering something negatively, I try to illustrate how I feel by counteracting those negative emotions into something that is aesthetically pleasing. Art is suppose to be beautiful. 

TN: What is the inspiration behind your art?
Everything that I see YHWH (God) (Love) in...Family, friends, nature, random people, clouds, sunsets...the list can go on.

TN: Out of all of your inspirations, what area most inspires you?
Love, which encompasses a lot...love is the root of everything good in the world.

TN: Are you a natural? If so, how long have you been natural?
Yes, I have been natural for 3 years this October!

TN: What was your motivation to return your hair to its natural state?
It was time. I'm very indecisive, so a lot of the choices I have made were (in a way) made for me. At the time I felt everything in the universe was telling me that I needed to go natural, lol.

TN: Would you say that this is a natural talent for you?
Absolutely, I think I knew how to draw before I knew how to talk, lol. I don't feel myself when I'm not creating art it's very much apart of me, even as a baby I felt this way. I was very shy and expressing myself has always been difficult, so my art has always been that outlet for me. It's something I need, something I believe in. I feel very blessed, because I've never struggled with understanding my purpose here. I know why I'm here, and I know it's much bigger than me. I'm just a piece to the puzzle.

TN: What is the ultimate vision for your art? Where do you want to be in the next 5 years as an artisit?
I have very big plans for my art, I plan to expand my brand into many more product lines that promote love and healthy self-esteem. I have a few things coming out that I am very excited about and hopefully within the next 5yrs will come to fruition. My long term goal has always been to influence our cultural and aesthetic as black people. It feels amazing to be apart of this movement of people who promote peace and positivity in a world where the alternative is far too common. I see things changing, and it feels great to be apart of that change. People may not realize it, but the Natural Hair Movement is altering the societal standard of beauty and that is HUGE. We have a long way to go, but it is a start.

TN: Where can we find more of your work?
keturahariel.com @keturahAriel on instagram, facebook

TN: Where can we find you?
keturahariel.tumblr.com keturaarielart on pinterest @keturahariel on twitter
Thank you so much for finding me interesting enough to interview xoxo :)!

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