Fall Must Haves

Fall is upon us and I must say this is one of my favorite seasons in fashion. I love to layer and to wear chunky peices of clothing, jewlery...pretty much chunky anything. Fall and Winter are those seasons that allow us to combined several different fabrics, patterns and styles to create one unified look. On top of that Fall especially is a time where mixing and revamping spring and summer clothing is the most fun!

Starting out with some Fall must haves are jackets, blazers and sweaters! I love outer wear of all kinds -- they are like the icing on the cake and are essential for Fall and Winter layering. Right now, I'm really digging denim jackets. They just go great with anything and can help an outfit go from dressy to casual quick.

My next must have are leather pants. Leather is a great fabric and is mostly warn in Fall - Winter months. But I've see leather worn in almost every season. It really depends on where you live, the weather, and whether or not fashion rules apply to you. Some people like to break fashion rules and wear what they want, when they want no matter what the rules are.


Next up are light or heavy scarves. I love scarves because they can change the whole dynamic of a Fall outift and they're great layering pieces. If your outfit is basic and boring, you can spruce it up by using the scarf to add a pop of color with a bright scarf, texture wearing a scarf that may have fringes, glitter or that's woven and patterned scarves like florals, plaid, tribal, color blocked or abstract.

        scarves, scarves, scarves!
Strap up boots are another fav of mine this time of year. As it gets colder, we will find that your sandals are being put up and boots are coming out. Some places really don't get cold enough to wear them, but as the season changes across the country, so does fashion. So you'll see people pulling out their boots and rocking them regardless of it's snowing outside or not....lol.

Last but not least, this Fall I am looking to for a black tote bag and some gold bangles. These two items are great accessories that can be worn any season with just about anything. Pieces that are trendy in anytime of year are must haves for sure.

             black tote bag $35 H        

Oh my goodness, there are so many "Fall Must Haves" to chose from. So before the seasons over, I'll be back for round two!!!

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