On The Sofa with Shawneda Marks

By Tiffany Nicole, LEI Editor

LEI: Please tell us about yourself:
S. Marks: I'm just me. Word loving, Jesus fanatic doing my best to live out God's purpose and walk in His preferred destiny for my life. Most of my time revolves around reaching my optimal health, taking care of my daughter, writing books and finishing college. 

LEI: Tell us about your writing and how you got started? 
S. Marks: I've been writing in general as long as I can remember. Love Is...my first novel, considered 'urban Christian fiction' released in 2006 as a self published novel. I'm now on my seventh in the series and fifteenth overall. I write for myself primarily but have collaborated a few other projects in other genres. 

LEI: What inspires your writing?
S. Marks: Real life, conversations, social media information and trends pique my interests about certain topics and most important the Holy Spirit. The wholeness series was born from my initial journey to be whole I started in 2000 and restoration to wholeness over the last five years. The Natural Sistahs series was inspired by experiences of my friends, myself and people I've read about online (but mostly personal connections) trying, failing and transitioning to having natural hair. 

LEI: Who are some of your favorite authors who inspired you? 
S. Marks: Ooowee...that question will get me in trouble ...oh well here goes. All time favorites include Shel Silverstein, Maya Angelou, Jacquelin Thomas, and C.S. Lewis. Some of my peers who I read and enjoy right now include Marquis Boone (nonfiction and fiction), Booker T. Mattison (fiction), Rhonda McKnight (Fiction), Adrian Davis (nonfiction) and there are some links on my site because I'm about to really get in trouble if I name anymore people. All time favorite though is definitely Maya Angelous and C.S. Lewis. Lewis shaped my childhood and ability to explore new worlds and Maya inspired me to write, reading her story made me believe I could do more than sing. 

LEI: What are your favorite books?
S. Marks: Favorite book of all books the Bible, seriously. Outside of the bible. Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein, Maya Angelou entire testimony collection edition hardcover (in my library, right now), The Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis, UnChartered Territory by Booker Mattison and I'm gonna stop again, for fear of being beat up my some of my peers. 

LEI: Name all of the books you've written.
S. Marks: Whew. Thankful I have so many to share. Here we go.

Christian Fiction
Love Is...
It's in My Blood
My True Essence
Beyond My Status
Embracing Myself Now
Weighing My Options

Coming 2014 Exercising My Options, Discovering My Strengths

Diamond Butterfly: Share, Heal, Sparkle, Shine, Fly (devotional 1)
Diamond Butterfly: Purpose & Destiny  (devotional 2)

Women's Fiction
My Crowning Glory Natural Sistahs Book 1
I Am Not My Hair Natural Sistahs Book 2

LEI: What is your ultimate vision for your writing?
S. Marks: Wow! Great question. My vision for my writing is to complete the wholeness series. Future Christian fiction stories will be stand alone novellas and shorts. I see myself branching into other genres writing from a biblical precedent but not in Christian fiction. I have outlines for street lit, and urban fantasy that I'm researching and preparing for now. No matter what the genre the common theme running through my writing is girl power. Not "feminism" I'm not about burning bras or being equal to men. My stories reflect the strength in walking in the equality God placed in women since creation while embracing our femininity. 

LEI: Where do you hope to be in the next 5 years?
S. Marks: In five years I'd like to be able to reach and engage readers from all the genres I love and cultivate an online environment where we share our love for these genres. I'd like to be in the second or third cycle of the Diamond Butterfly Angel urban fantasy serial fiction series. It is so fun preparing to write it, I believe it's gonna be really good. I also have some cool short ideas. These stories will be shorter and more affordable.  

LEI: Where can we find out more about you and your books?
S. Marks: You can find more about me, follow my blog and sign up for my newsletter at www.shawneda.com 

I didn't include all of the book pictures because I have so many.

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