5 Ways To Use Shea Butter For Skin Care

  May 2, 2014 | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  | By Tiffany Nicole

Shea but is a native of Africa and is an ingredient that is known to have many different uses. In the hair and skincare world, it's becoming very popular and is well known for it's moisturizing effects. The benefits of using Shea butter are endless, but today, I'd like to focus on 5 Ways To Use Raw Shea Butter for the Skin.

I was first introduced to Shea butter when I was transitioning from relaxed to natural hair 3 years ago. At the time, I would only use it in my hair which does wonders, but it hadn't occurred to me that it would do the same for my skin. I have very dry, flaky skin. Growing up, I would see flare ups in my hair line and in places like my elbows, and knees. but as I have gotten older, I've noticed that these dry patches show up in places on my face like the side of my nose, in and above my eyebrows and sometimes on my chin. For the past year, I have been using natural skin care masks on my face and majority of the ones that work and sooth my skin are filled with raw Shea butter. Shea butter is a moisturizer and definitley holds true to it's reputation as a versatile butter and healing agent. Whipped shea butter is a bit easier to apply, as unrefined shea is hard in texture.

5 Ways To Use Raw Shea Butter for Skin:

1). As a daily moisturizer, shea butter is helpful with absorbing UVB rays. It is primarily used on very dry or mature skin. Also used during very dry weathered seasons to alleviate dry cracked skin. Most use it in winter months when the air is dry, breezy and very cold. Skin is stays moisturized throughout the day and is protected from windburn.

2) As a body butter, shea can be melted down, and used alone or in combination with other healing oils and butters like; tea tree oil, peppermint oil, aloe etc. Shea butter when used as a body butter helps in preventing stretch marks and healing scars.
3) Use Shea butter as a lip balm, eye cream or hand moisturizer in its raw state. Best results are achieved when applied before bed or anytime when it can settle deep into your skin. Shea butter in this case can be portable. You can reapply it throughout the day, just store it in a small container that you can stick in your make-up bag. You can have moisturized skin all day long and be much more comfortable with soft lips and hydrated skin.

4). Use shea butter on nails and cuticles for stronger, shiny, healthy-looking nails.

5). Shea butter uses for the feet include using it as a spa foot treatment. If you have dry, cracked heels, torn nails and dry and irritated skin, melted it down and apply it to warm water and create your own foot soak. Soak your feet and allow the Shea butter to penetrate the dry brittle areas of your feet and keep them in until the water becomes cool. Take them out and softly towel dry and finish up by massaging in more Shea butter. Another way to treat your feet is by doing a deep moisture treatment. All you do is exfoliate your feet, then adding pure Shea butter and wrapping your foot in plastic wrap. 

This is the Shea Butter I use. It can be purchase on Amazon.com  
100% African Shea Butter.  Used as a butter or whipped into a cream- this is one kick butt moisturizer. Unlike petroleum products (which are not a renewable resource) the oil is absorbed into your skin and doesn't leave a greasy residue. I love this stuff.

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