Bentonite Clay On Natural Hair

January 4, 2014 | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  | Tiffany Nicole

Bentonite clay is not only used on the face and in the body, but also on the hair. Many natural beauties are trying this product on their hair and finding the results to be very satisfying. Bentonite clay on natural hair has been said to leave the hair feeling soft to the touch, manageable and for some, it stretches out their super tight curls.

Bentonite clay is derived from weathered volcanic ash. It contains a high percentage of montmorillonite, illite or kaolin clays. Bentonites are categorized as sodium bentonites is known to be benfitial for both  body and skin.

When used internally, its effective in removing toxins and waste build up and cleanses the body within. Externally on the face, a bentonite clay mask or facial works well in removing excess oil and  dirt as it unplogs pores leaving the skin feeling soft and revitalized. Especially for people with oily skin, a bentonite facial will help to remove all the oil that is clogging the pores. For those with dry skin, a bentonite facial will help in removing partials within the pores that will cause the face to feel dry and patchy. There are many more benefits to a bentonite facial some to include; removal of dead skin cells, the increasing of blood circulation, removal of blemishes, and tightening of the skin. It perfect for loose and wrinkled skin. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-infection properties and is considered an overall healing agent.

As far as the hair is concerned, bentonite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar is used to cleanse the hair from product build up. It clarifies while leaving the hair soft, conditioned and moisturized throughout. After treating the hair with bentonite clay, one will see that their hair feels clean without the striping of the hair's natural moisture as many naturals have found when using shampoo with sulfate.

Check out some fellow vloggers below who have used bentonite clay in their hair and have been satisfied with the results. 

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