Product Review | Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter Protective Creme

January 24, 2014 |  LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE | By Lois Copeland

Name of Product in Review: Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter Protective Creme

Product Description: It comes in a clear jar with brown top and the product itself is an ivory color.  

Fragrance: The fragrance is mild and not overbearing.

Texture: This product is not a thick  and pasty creme but dissolves away when applied and leaves a great shine.

My experience: After a shampoo and condition, I blow dry my hair. This is my second time that I have installed minis twists with my natural hair. This product is perfect for keeping my twists neat and moisturized when twisting. This product works best when applied to clean hair.

After blow drying my hair (not bone straight but until dry), I then section my hair off and begin to two strand twist in very small sections. For each twist i would apply a dime size amount of product from root to end. Make sure your ends are very moisturized. I did not apply any additional oils to my hair. This is a very simple, yet time consuming protective Style but it's worth it. Easy maintenance! Three times a week I will condition my twists and add a quarter size amount of Hair Butter Creme to my ends to keep them moisturized. After co-washing, I'll would style as desired and pin up my ends for better protection. There is no better product I would use for this protective style!


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