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Born and raised in Sacramento, California I'm pretty much a Cali but I've lived in Houston for over 10+ years. I like shopping, dressing up, hang time with my niece and sleeping (LOL!). My only interest at this time is becoming the next BIGGEST fashion stylist you've ever heard of. I have a relatively small family and I give credit to both my grandmother and grandfather who I believe gave me my Style calling (they were the sharpest I ever seen, especially my grandfather). I have a background in Computer Science so I'm kind of a Stylish Geek/Nerd if you would. 

LEI: Your style is fabulous, we want to know, what is your style philosphy?
MB: I would say my philosophy would be keeping it simple, edgy, chic, street, and fun. Your personality should match your style, in my opinion.

LEI: How would you describe your sense of style?
MB: I'm a complexed person (if that's a word) with multiple personalities so I'm not sure my style can be defined. But I do have a few styles that I stick to in which I always hash tag my different Styles such as the following; #Chic#Street #TomboyGlitch and #NaturalGirlHaute. Those together make my Style Not Swag - edgy/classy/gangsta/haute. (IMO)

LEI: Where do you pull inspiration from?
MB: I'm inspired by street fashion mainly. I absolutely LOVE unique/street styles

LEI: What is your technique in putting outfits together?
MB: I look to be simple and effortless. Although, I do like to mix/match patterns, colors, textures for a more out the box look. Don't think too hard, just do it!

LEI: Fall is here, what are your top faIll must haves?
MB:: In my current situation, the Midi is always a must have for me. Leather has also become a must have for that Classic edgy look when looking to spice things up a bit. And who doesn't love an oversized Wool coat... I LOVE and oversized coat and teh Blazer is a must have in any season.

LEI: What pieces are you looking forward to wearing this season?
MB: Sequins, whether it's skirts, pants, dresses, pajamas (LOL!!!). Some odd reason I am in LOVE with Sequins this year... 

LEI: What are some of your favorite accessories?
MB: My Afro, studded earrings and CONFIDENCE. 

LEI: Name some of your favorite places to shop? (Stores/Websites)
MB: Local boutiques - they're warm/personal, unique pieces, and I just seem to find better deals at boutiques than i do anywhere else. (I'm a true diva on a dime so I love a great deal.) Zara is a store that I just can't live without, it's perfect for my Chic Street Style.

LEI: Wha'ts your advice for ladies who are developing their style sense?
MB: Know the difference between Fashion and Style. Let your style reflect who you are and LOVE IT! Once you understand your style it makes it much easier to experiment with your individuality. OWN IT! Even when it's simple you can still stand out in a crowd. 

LEI: Where can we see more of you? (Blog, Instagram, FB, etc.)
MB: You can find me on IG - GoldanBlueStyle, Blog - GoldanBlueStyle.com, and Pose - GoldanBlue at this time. I'm currently working on revamping my blog site and building my website. I will be adding Twitter - GoldanBlue and Pinterest. You'll always find me under the name Goldan Blue. My sites are open to public but still on the hush, hush too... LOL!!!

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