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January 15, 2014 |  LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE | By Mary Taylor of MsNaturallyMary.blogspot.com

Hair is a thread-like substance that naturally grows from our skin. Composed of nature’s most powerful protein, keratin; it is able to withstand harsh punishment.   Although we all have different genetic make up and textures, proper hair care is important to grow beautiful healthy hair.

 ~Hair Care 101~
8 Key To Grow Healthy Hair

1).  The health of you hair starts from the inside out.
As the saying goes “You are what you eat.” If you intake unhealthy things, notonly will your skin suffer, but you hair will too.

  • Proper diet and Exercise can be essential to hair growth and maintenance. Nutrients in the foods we eat can be the missing link to the health of our hair.


Foods rich in the Essential fatty acids such as omega 3 should be eaten daily.

  • Walnuts and almonds
  • Salmon, tuna, mackerel, and other fatty fish
  • Flaxseed oil
Vitamins B-6, B-12, and folic acid: play a significant role in the health of hair.   

  • Vitamin B-6 is found in spinach, white and sweet potatoes. A major source of B-12 is found in meats, poultry, fish and dairy products.  Folic acid can mostly be found in fresh fruits and vegetables, especially in citrus fruits and tomatoes, as well as beans.

Protein is crucial to healthy hair. Eggs are rich in protein, along with lean meat such as fish and chicken and soy products.

 2). Low Manipulation Styling is Key to retaining length and hair growth
Too much pulling and tugging on your hair can cause damage.

  • Styles like buns, twists, and styles that allow your ends to be protected can benefit the overall health of your hair.

3). Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!

H2o is the best source of moisture. Not only is drinking water great for hair, but also spritzing your hair with water daily can help to improve the elasticity of your hair. Our hair is made up of 10 to 15% of water. It can easily lose and absorb water, which is why moisture is key to healthy hair. Without moisture our hair can become very rigid causing it to break. So applying water or a water- based product as often as possible can help your hair flourish.

4). Try to resort from frequent use of shampoo | Choose to Co-wash more.

  • Our hair needs moisture in order to grow. Use of shampoo generally strips the hair of its moisture causing dryness. 
  • Daily shampooing is not necessary.  "Hair is a fiber," Mirmirani says. "Think of a wool fiber: The more you wash it, the worse it's going to look. There's no need to wash your hair every day.” The longer, thicker, curlier, and more processed your hair, the longer it can go between washes. (WebMD)
  • Our scalp produces natural oil called sebum. When shampooing your hair it is being stripped of this natural oil created by your skin, which is needed to help your skin and hair remain healthy

-Co-washing is better for curlier textures. Co-Washing simply means, “Conditioner Washing”, washing with only conditioner. More textured hair has an increased rate of dryness, as the natural oil (sebum), our scalp produces has more difficulty navigating through all the twists and turns of curly hair.  Ann Massey, writer of the “Curly Girl Method” suggests that all conditioners have mild cleansers and should be used more often to clean curly hair.

5). Limit the use of harsh styling tools.
Hair can be pretty fragile. The regular use of combs and brushes can cause damage and hair loss if used too often or not used appropriately.
"Over-brushing your hair can cause split ends and breakage, with the over-brushing causing just too much consistent friction for hair to handle.” (WebMD)

6). Be cautious when using heat.

7). Trim you ends as needed
Split ends can be caused by excessive use of heat or stress on hair. They can cause the hair to tangle and barb more frequently leading to more breakage and damage. It is important to trim ends to rid your hair of the rough, frayed ends that generally grow faster than the scalp can grow new hair. 

8). Be Patient
Patience is key! Rome was not built overnight. With that said, take time to enjoy your hair at whatever length it is. Give it the time that it needs to grow, understanding that your hair is only expected go grow a half an inch each month if properly cared for.

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