Curl Care | Tress Protection: The LOC Method Using Alikay Naturals Products

These last couple of months many have experience extreme cold weather, even us here in Florida. The winter air is so dry and can cause hair issues. Regarding hair both natural and relaxed, it is so important to protect your tresses during this cold season. Cold, dry air can cause our hair to dry out and break causing split ends that can travel straight up the hair shaft. So it's vital to take measures of protection to eliminate the harsh brutality of the winter. 

One of the best methods and most popular method of tress protection is the L.O.C. Method. The lock method consists of 3 important elements: L - Liquid, O - Oil,  C - Cream. I used the LOC Method using Alikay Natural's products they suggested in the chart above and achieved a soft, shiny and moisturized twistout. It is quite simple. The Liquid helps to moisturize the hair, the oil helps to seal in the moisture and the cream helps to lock it all together. This is especially good to do at night before bed because it gives your hair time to get the full treatment. 


  1. LIQUID - I first applied Alikay Naturals famous "Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner" which is lightweight and doesn't leave your hair feeling weighed down. And the smell is amazing. 
  2. OIL - I then applied my own oil mixture which consist of Castor and Jojoba Oil 
  3. CREAM - I actually used two creams. I used Alikay's  Moisture Rich Parfait and Shea Yogart Hair Moisturizer to "LOC" it all together.
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