Beauty Bargains: Curl Box Subscription


As a natural I can testify that finding products that work for your hair can be frustrating and quite costly. At the beginning of my journey, I tried product after product and had spent so much money on products that didn't work well in my hair and ended up giving them away. And when I say giving them away I'm talking almost full bottles!!! I noticed that I was becoming a pj or "product junkie" and buying products out of curiosity and not being satisfied with them. After that experience I finally narrowed down my staple products that I use consistently as part of my hair care regimen.

But to those ladies who are still in their search to find their staples, there are ways to try new products without breaking the bank.  Instead of  purchasing new hair products and paying full price for them, you can purchase a box full of sample products for half the cost you would normally pay if you paid for each item full price. 

Curlbox is a monthly subscription service that sends it's members up to 7 natural hair care products that have been created for women with various hair textures for $20.00 a month. The box is not only filled with an assortment of items for you to try, but also coupons, brochures and information about the products in your box. How neat is that?

To find out more about how you can get a box of your own check out CurlBox's website.


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