Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

February 15, 2014 | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  | by Denise Zakiya of

Last month, we talked about setting your health and wellness goals. Now, it's great to have goals, but as Alan Lakein, author of several time management self-help books wrote, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." In other words, if you don't have plan, you're not going to see any results. But if you're still reading this, then I know you are committed and will do whatever it takes to improve your fitness and well-being! Here are three of my TOP TIPS to help you meet your health and wellness goals:

#1: Pack your gym bag the night before.
If you work out in the morning or even in the evenings, you can save at least 10 minutes by packing your gym bag the night before. Pack everything you need from workout clothes to flip flops for the shower! Here's a list of items I have in my gym bag:

               ß Workout clothes
               ß Shoes and socks
               ß Weightlifting gloves
               ß Dry-wic sweat band
               ß Water bottle
               ß Hand towelß Ipod
               ß Shower gel and lotion
               ß Shower flip-flops
               ß Bath towel
               ß Clean clothes 

#2: Meal Planning/ Batch Cooking
If you really want to be successful, start to plan your meals in advance and to save more time, you can even cook in batches. Batch cooking is a process that involves cooking multiple meals and storing it for later use in the fridge or freezer. Instagram, Pinterest and even Google's search engine has a variety of different recipes for batch cooking for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here's one of my favorite breakfast meals that I batch cook from

100% Natural Pancakes Recipe Ingredients:

1 ripe banana and 2 whole eggs

Recipe: Blend the eggs and banana in a mixing bowl or blender and place on a lightly oiled skillet and flip when ready. That's it!


#3: Track Your Calorie Intake.
This tip is very important because if you don't track your calories, you could be overestimating what you think you are eating. Track everything including the handful of nuts you ate during a work meeting or the sauce you tasted when you were making spaghetti for dinner. Everything counts! Yes, tracking your calories can be tedious, but once you make this a habit, you won't have to use a tracker anymore. Jillian Michaels, Author and Personal Trainer on the Biggest Loser says that, "We usually eat the same 20 foods every day," which is pretty accurate. After a while, you will already know that an apple is roughly 70 calories and a handful of almonds is about 150 calories. There are several trackers online, but my favorite is My Fitness Pal which is available online at

During this month of February, start planning and incorporate these tips so you will meet your health and wellness goals! Do you have any tips for planning that you'd like to share? Leave a comment below!

Denise Zakiya 
Denise Zakiya is a Natural Hair and Health & Wellness blogger and vlogger. She holds a Master's in Public Health, is a wellness coach and enjoys long distance running.

YouTube, IG, Facebook, Twitter: DeniseZakiya


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