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I am a 29 year old lifestyle blogger residing in Savannah, Georgia. My educational background and current occupation is in Respiratory Therapy, however I spend my off days taking strides toward becoming self employed through my writing and other talents and gifts. I'm a lover of God, lover of all things beautiful, and lover of life!

LEI: Your style is fabulous, we want to know, what is your style philosophy?
Sandria: My style philosophy is to always wear what I like and feel good wearing it!

LEI: How would you describe your sense of style?
Sandria: My sense of style is, well it varies. Sometimes I like to be poised and well put together a la the housewives of the 50s wearing circle skirts and pearls. And other times I'm edgy and trendy wearing head wraps and colorful makeup. I sometimes mix different styles to get a more interesting look. And I LOVE to wear color. Overall, I pride myself on looking cool but being covered up all at the same time!

LEI: Where do you pull inspiration from?
Sandria: I get inspiration from EVERYWHERE. TV, blogs, Instagram, movies, church, visions. Just my everyday life. I'm inspired by anything that is pleasant or interesting to my eyes.

LEI: What is your technique in putting outfits together?
Sandria: When putting outfits together, I sometimes pretend I'm going to a costume party. I choose which "character" I want to be and pull pieces for that particular look. If I'm "Freddie Brooks" from the 90s sitcom, "A Different World" I may wear a hat with wild hair. If I'm First Lady Obama, I will wear a knee length dress, cardigan, and minimal jewelry. If I'm Solange Knowles, my supposed celebrity look-a-like, I will wear a big, bright, funky patten. Other times I just throw on what "feels" right, no rhyme or reason, and head out the door.

LEI: What are some of your fall/spring must haves?
Sandria: I recently did a series on my blog and YouTube channel entitled "Fun For Fall" where I highlighted a number of things I was going to be pulling out for fall. Patterned Tights, Funky Outerwear, Jazzy Accessories, and Banging Booties. The purpose of this series was to introduce fun items to wear for fall that don't necessarily fall into the blacks, grays, and browns of the season. Thankfully I live in southern Georgia and it doesn't get too cold here. Light layering is usually all that's really needed.


LEI: What pieces are you looking forward to wearing this season?
Sandria: This season I am looking forward to wearing booties, beanies, and blazers!

LEI: What are some of your favorite accessories?
Sandria: One of my all time favorite accessories is "head pieces"- hats, caps, head wraps, beanies. They can easily transform an outfit and "fix" a bad hair day. I'm also getting into wearing watches. Didn't really wear them up until maybe a year or two ago. Now I dig 'em.

LEI: Name some of your favorite places to shop? (Stores/Websites)
Sandria: Even though I LOOOOVE style and creating my own style, I don't really love shopping. Physically. Most of my shopping is done online at Forever21, Express, Macys, Asos, River Island, and Zara and I like to shop JC Penny clearance racks in store. Recently I stumbled across an online store that I'd really like to check out called www.sheinside.com once I'm off my self imposed spending freeze.

LEI: What's your advice for ladies who are developing their style sense?
Sandria: For anyone that is developing their style, I say "Wear what is YOU"!! It's okay to get inspiration from tv, magazines, blogs, etc. But if after you've put it all on and it doesn't feel like you, then it's not.

LEI: Where can we see more of you?
Sandria: You can see more of me on my blog at www.ThatLittleSouthernGirl.com
Instagram: @Sandria_Please

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