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February 1, 2014 |  LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE | By Adjanae Mensah

In any relationship whether it's friendship, family, or a courtship, there is a chance that feelings would get hurt at some point, that hearts can be broken, that trust can be broken, because, we are all just human, and anything can happen in any relationship. However with that being said, its really sad to see how easy its is for us to give up on relationships these days. 

When things go wrong in our relationships and we get hurt, it is so important that even when we are feeling all that pain, the first thing we do is take it God, rather than making decisions by ourselves and acting out of our will. When you take that particular situation to God, He guides you according to His perfect will for your life and also brings you comfort and peace like no other, but most importantly He gives you the grace to forgive. A sister in Christ shared this story with me...

When she was engaged to be married to her now husband, everything was great she loved and trusted him so much when one day he told her he needed to have a conversation with her, he told her that what he was about to tell her would really break her heart, and that she might never want to talk to him ever again, he told her that he had been sexually involved with another woman "some weeks back" and that he was really sorry, he also said he had prayed for forgiveness, had told their pastor and is working on being better and not making that mistake again. "I couldn't believe it, its like right then my heart shattered into a million pieces." she said, "I never in a million years thought this man I was planning on getting married to could do this to me, to us" she continued to say. Being the "no nonsense" person she is, and after knowing her dad cheated on her mum and knowing what that did to her, everything within her wanted to be done with at all, to just chuck up the deuces, give up and walk away, but with all that hurt and pain and heartache she decided not to talk to anyone about it, but take it to God in prayer. "I was crying out to God when she told me to listen, God told me that as much it hurt, I shouldn't take what my fiance did personally, he didn't mess around because I was not t good enough, or because he didn't love and care about me, he did it because he was personally struggling with a lust, and he needed to deal with it," she said, God then also told her that He will give her peace and that His grace is sufficient for her to be able to forgive her Fiance. So rather than giving up on the relationship, she stayed by him, prayed for him and with him and helped him become the man he is today. They've been happily married for 6 years now with two kids, and their marriage is such a blessing!

WOW, isn't it amazing what happens when we just pray to God and allow Him to lead us.. Now it may not necessarily be a fiance or boyfriend, it could be a friend/best friend that, has done something really hurtful, could be something a father, mother, cousin, uncle or aunty has done. Rather than just cutting people off, cutting them out of our lives and being "done" let's start taking a different approach. Let's stop holding grudges, harboring pain in our hearts and take the situation to God and ask for His help, ask Him to help us work out our relationships, give us the grace to forgive and let go of the pain. We may be missing out on so may blessings because WE choose in moments of anger and pain to cut off and walk away from relationships God wants to use for His Glory.  Lord give us the grace to and strength to love and forgive like you do. Show us and help us to Your perfect will for our lives

"Colossians 3:13 NIV
"Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you."

Lord give us the grace to and strength to love and forgive like you do. Lead us and guide us in our relationships, to make decisions that are in line with Your perfect will for our lives. 

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Adjanae Mensah is a young woman after God's own heart. Living in London, England, Adjanae seeks to inspire, uplift and encourage women all over the world to seek God in all aspects of their lives.
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