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Young, beautiful, and musically talented Renee Antoinette is working on fulfilling her call to destiny by using her God given talent to share the love of Christ through her music. Residing in Central Florida with her husband of 4 years Adam and their beautiful six month old baby girl Addison, Renee exudes grace & elegance and has been anointed as a vessel of honor for the work ahead of her. Her love for  music was developed from a young age. Over the course of her ministry, God has opened doors and made room for Renee's ministry where she has been able to reach souls for the Kingdom. From singing in the choir and on praise teams to performing in musicals with the Recitals in college, to entertaining in theme parks such as “The HolyLand Experience” in Orlando, Florida and Busch Gardens, in Tampa, Florida to singing background vocals for new up-and-coming artists, and now releasing her own gospel album. Though music is her ministry, it's second to her first ministry....Family.
" Music is my outlet in sharing to the world the love of Jesus Christ. Music is a great part of my life and only second to the love of my life, my husband Adam and our baby Addison.  
Family is very important to me  and I consider myself very blessed to live close to my parents and siblings. "  ~ Renee Antoinette

LEI: Tell Us about your music and how it all began?
Renee: Growing up in a musical home I have always been surrounded by talented singers and musicians right down to my family.  Not only are my parents Pastors but my Father Pastor Alvin Wolliston plays piano and guitar, my mother Barbara plays piano and is a beautiful singer. My brother Jonathan plays drums, piano, keyboard, organ and is a songwriter and producer. My youngest brother Joshua plays drums, and my sister Stephanie is a talented singer. Being a part of a family like this and also married to a talented songwriter and singer, it was in inevitable that music would be my passion in life.

LEI: Who/What is the inspiration behind your music?
Renee: Each one of my family members and my husband has been the inspiration behind her music. God’s desire for us to follow him and share the great news of his love to everyone, is the true inspiration behind each song I sing.

LEI: When did you hear God's call?
Renee: While enrolled in Christian University, Southeastern, I heard the call of God in my heart to use my gifts and talents to share with this world His love.  We pass by people every day not knowing what they may be going through in this journey called life. Many of them have no idea why they are even alive on this earth and walked with no purpose. I believe God has given me a mandate to share with each person the message that God has a plan for them. They are not an accident and He will lead them to their destiny if they would just follow.
LEI: Would you say that this is a natural talent for you?
Renee:  Yes, although singing comes natural for me, I still cannot help but feel a hint of nervousness each time I prepare to mount the stage to minister in song.  Whenever I'm on stage and opens my mouth to sing, I remember my calling, the One who has called me and has given me the gift of music. I am enveloped with a confidence that says this is my assignment; I am gifted for this.  For me, this is a great way to share the truth of the gospel with the world to which I is called.

LEI: What is the ultimate goal of your ministry?
Renee: The goal of this ministry is to share with others the love of God also to let them know they are not alone on this life journey. God will lead them to their destiny if they would only allow him.

LEI: Where do you desire to be in the next 5 years?
Renee:  In the next five years, I desire to reach people worldwide with this message of purpose and hope.

LEI: Where can we find out more about you?

Facebook: ReneeAnotinetteMusic
Twitter: ReneeMusiq
Instagram: ReneeAntoinetteMusic

Bookings contact
Adam Holt 863-512-1026

Renee's Live DVD Recording and CD Release will take place on April 5th at her concert in Kissimmee, FL.  

Tickets: It's FREE!
Time: 8 p.m. -9 p.m.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing this Woman of God in her concert this week. Great interview Tiffany!


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