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Nwaokono Portia

My name's Nwaokonko Portia, a graduate of Law with a passion for fashion. I'm a Nigerian living in Abuja, Nigeria. I love listening to music, reading novels and blogging.

LEI: Your style is fabulous, we want to know, what is your style philosophy?
Portia: Me? Fabulous style?! Why, thanks for the compliment. I simply see style as telling the world who you are without the use of words. 

LEI: How would you describe your sense of style?
Portia: I like to wear what I feel comfortable in. Its best to create a style that showcases you and your personality in the best way

LEI: Where do you pull inspiration from?
Portia:My number one inspiration comes from my closet. Lol! Over the years I've accumulated quite a number of clothing that wouldn't mix and match on a normal day. And I have to wear the clothes, so I look for a way to make them work together. I also get inspiration from a few celebrities and bloggers.

LEI: What is your technique in putting outfits together?
Portia: I just pick pieces from my closet and try to make them look good together. I can also recreate a random outfit seen on a celebrity/fashion icon or a style blogger.

LEI: What are some of your favorite accessories?
Portia: I love shoes!

LEI: Name some of your favorite places to shop? (Stores/Websites)
Portiia: My favorite online stores are MissRebel and Asos

LEI: What's your advice for ladies who are developing their style sense?
    Portia: Style is a reflection of who you are, be true to yourself, true beauty comes from that.


    LEI: Where can we see more of you?

    Twitter- @justporshh
    Instagram - @justporsh


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