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I am Jarmelia, owner of Lia Naturals Bath & Body. I am a married, stay at home mom to 3 little ones, with my last 2 being 15 months a part. I currently live in Charleston, SC. I was born here but, was raised in Savannah, GA, so I am a true Southern Girl and I am very traditional in my morals and beliefs. 

LEI: Tell us about Lia Naturals and how you got started.
Jarmelia: I have always been into entrepreneurship. when I was 19 I joined an MLM company selling insurance and then candles. I remember telling my mom that one day I wanted to start a bath & body company. Several years later, after going natural with my hair, changing my diet and lifestyle and while looking for more natural body products, I found soapmaking. My husband had an old magazine from a a class he attended that had old fashioned lye soap recipes. After several batches of soap, creating and mastering my recipe, I started Lia Naturals Bath & Body (it was under a different name at the time). My first love is still soap making even though, I now sell lotion, butters, scrubs, conditioner, and perfume!

LEI: What is the inspiration for your brand?

Jarmelia: Relaxation. My logo is a hibiscus flower because, it reminds me of relaxing. As a busy mom, I know what it is like to neglect yourself and put yourself last. I do it all the time and have to make a constant effort to stop and take care of my physical and spiritual needs. I want all women, moms or not, to remember this. Take time out for yourself. Take care of your natural self. Get your skin & hair healthy, so you can look and feel your best.

LEI: What are some of your favorite products/services of your business? 

Jarmelia: Soaps. It would have to be the soaps. I love art. I have always loved to draw and color. I love mixing the colors together, cutting the soap and looking at the swirls. This is more than just soap for me, it is a creative outlet.  

LEI: What can customers expect from Lia Naturals?  

Jarmelia: Integrity. I take great customer service very serious. make mistakes but, I always strive to be honest an genuine. I test my products and stand behind every single one of them. I know why I put every ingredient inside each product. I want customers to enjoy browsing my site, using my products and just being in my "online" space. 

LEI: What is your ultimate vision for the brand?

Jarmelia: My vision is where I am at right now. I love how my site makes me feel when I'm on it, I love my customers, I love the products I have to offer. Being the simple person that I am, I don't want to be rich, I just want to help other women feel better about themselves. If I can help one mom de-stress, calm down and go out and be a better mom because of a nice hot bath, I've done my job. 

LEI: Where do you like to see the brand in 10 years? 

Jarmelia: Hopefully, right here! Most businesses fail in a year and if I am still here in 10 years, with the same awesome customers, that will be a blessing! 

LEI: Where can we find you online? Do you have any social media pages? 

Instagram: LiaNaturals 


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