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Single Ladies | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  | By Tiffany N. Baker

Living in this generation as a young single woman is hard all on its own. And it's just as hard when abstinence is thrown into the mix. It can be such a lonely road especially when the ticking time clock is getting louder and louder. It's hard for sure to stay pure and wait on God to send the love of our lives, especially with all that is being put before our eyes on TV, in Music, on Social Media etc., the list goes on. 

Janette 32, can totally relate. Though she is not a virgin, she has been abstained from sex after recommitting her life to the Lord but the road has not been easy. Year after year, she seen her friends and family falling in love, getting engaged, married and starting families. She's often felt alone and left out of the loop. It's been hard for her to relate with her friends and is especially tired of hearing, "So when are you getting married?" from family members.

Her frustration has grown and thoughts of self worth and value have penetrated her mind. "What is wrong with me? What have I done to deserve this?" is what Janette asks herself often. Now, her attention has turned towards her commitment to God and whether it's something she's done and is this her plait in life. She's often wondered if she was better off doing it on her own, finding her..."Boaz." Is it even worth it to keep living like this? Is it all in vain?

Many women in this same situation get aggravated, frustrated and disappointed. Faith is tested with the hands of time. It's important in these waiting moments in our lives not to let the enemy trick us into doubting God's promises which can ultimately leaded to diminishing faith. Though this road it hard, it's important to know that God only wants what is best for us, but we must TRUST in his plan. The Bible says in 

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplications, with thanksgiving, let your request be made know to God." -Philippians 4;6

If you are in this situation, single, abstinent and tired of waiting for your mate, I encourage you to start by thanking God for what He has done for you. Then thank Him in advance for the blessings that are to come in your life. Speak it into existence having faith that He will indeed keep His promise. Sometimes that is all He is waiting on, is for us to acknowledge Him and to be thankful for what we have and where we are in our lives NOW! Take time to appreciate where you are in your life today. Focus on the blessings of today and be encourage that if He blessed you today, He'll bless you tomorrow.

Most importantly, don't step ahead of God, because there are consequences for doing so. Wait patiently for the Lord to act, wait with a patient heart. Running ahead of the one who sees the future and controls it could amount to a lot of unnecessary heartache. On a relationship standpoint, you may get involved with a man that is not who God has chosen for you, that is running ahead of God. Have you ever thought that maybe God is working on the man to make him suitable to marry His daughter who is close to His heart? But if you interrupt that process it's like taking a cake out of the oven before it's time. The outside may appear cooked and ready, but the inside is mushy and unfinished. Consuming uncooked goods usually leads to sickness - it's no different in the dating/marriage world.

Lastly, examine yourself. Not for the man because the Lord will take care of him. But examine your heart regarding your motives and desires. Make sure that your desires are in line with God's desires for you.

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Continue to ask, believing that He will do it, if it's His will for you. So  Be encouraged! This does not mean that we ought not pray and ask, it means that when we ask God for something, we must come to Him with "a clean heart and renewed spirit" (Psalm 51).  If He says no right now, just know He may be saving you from something that you can not see. He protects and guards those who love and follow Him with a pure heart. (Psalm 91). 
When you feel yourself growing agitated in this season of your life, shift your focus and meditate on God seeking His presence. In His presence there is peace and joy.

"You will show me the path of life; in Your presences there is fullneess of joy; At Your right hand are pleasure forevermore." - Psalm 16:11 


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