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We, makeup wearers, always seek to recreate looks that are displayed daily on social media, especially on Instagram! It’s always vibrant, bold makeup looks with products that can be of luxury brands or remotely close to it. Let’s face it, the average, may not have all the products displayed or simply may not be able to afford it.
We necessarily don’t have to use the exact products they use; in fact there are many sources where we can purchase cheaper beauty products that are just as great quality as the luxury brands, even dupes!
The exciting thing is finding the cheaper beauty treasures! For example, I travel to different beauty supply stores where majority of products are hidden, as well as online beauty shops.

Some brands I usually gravitate to are:

Beauty Supply Stores (these products are usually cheaper there then online):
NYX – for pigmented lipsticks & lipglosses, eye primers & eye shadows, face powders, eye/lip liners, pigments
Ruby Kisses – for highlight glow powders, concealers, pigmented lipglosses, mascaras
LA Girl – for Pro Concealers, Eye/Lip liners
Nicka K – for Moisturizing lipsticks
Black Opal – for Stick Foundations, Concealers, Face powders
Kisses – for BB Creams
Cherry Blossom lashes (or $1 lashes)


Walgreens, Walmart:
Jordana – eye, brow/lip liners
ELF – brushes, blushes, highlight powders
Wet n Wild – pigmented lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes
Black Radiance – powders & blushes
CoverGirl Queen – Bronzers, pigmented (some stain) lipsticks
Online beauty shops where you can find the brands I listed above & more: (Ben Nye powders)    

I stand on the products I mentioned! I have tried every brand listed & what usually completes my face routine so effortlessly! Try it out & go find your treasures!   


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