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      May 5, 2014 |  LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  | On The Sofa

    Well to start my name is Brittany Hamilton. From Miami, of Haitian & Jamaican decent. I love watching & making Youtube makeup tutorials, I love to go bargain beauty products shopping (especially the limited products) & I love to sketch. My interests are being a makeup artist, consulting/treating natural hair, modeling & sketching. Believe it or not, I am a tall, shy person. 

    LEI: When did you fall in love with makeup? 

    Brittany: I fell in love with makeup at a very young age, I was 7, at my church it was a requirement to wear some makeup for every time the dance ministry performed. My mother would apply makeup on me so beautifully. I performed quite often so it became a luxury to have it on. I felt elegant.  

    LEI: What one beauty product would you recommend and why? 

    Brittany: My ultimate fav; Ruby Kisses All Over Glow in Flushed Glow. It is the type of highlight that is buildable or can be toned down for a flawless dewy finish. The best part, it's only $2-$3!

    LEI: You're in a huge rush, what one beauty product do you grab?

    Brittany: A red lipstick. The easiest, quickest & sexiest; doesn't call for too much precision. 

    LEI: You’re always rocking gorgeous lippies on Instagram! What are your go-to lip colors?
    Brittany: Thanks!! For a more natural face I tend to gravitate to a soft orange & that's Siren by Revlon. If I'm feeling edgy it would be a cherry dark plum & that's Cherry Bomb by Wet n Wild. If I want sexy, I go for a bluish tone red & that's Bloody Mary by NYX. All affordable as well.  

    LEI: What would you say is the biggest beauty faux pas that people make when it comes to makeup application?  

    Brittany: All jokes aside, it can be any form of blending; concealer application, foundation, concealer around eyebrows, & eyeshadows. Your makeup should blend into or flow seamlessly throughout your entire face (unless it calls for couture looks, photoshoots, & of the like).  

    LEI: If you had the opportunity to make up anyone's face, who would it be?

    Brittany: Beyonce', although I think my hands would be shaking with every brush stroke. 

    LEI: Do you have a favorite beauty guru/mentor? 

    Brittany: My favorite Beauty Guru is Ambrosia on Youtube!! She is so business-minded, driven & down to earth. Love her. My fav & only mentor is Andonnia! She has & still is teaching me about makeup application & the business side of it. Not every thing on the business side of makeup artistry is peachy. 

    LEI: What the most rewarding aspect of your career?

    Brittany: So far, is when my brother & father built a studio for my business. Most memorable. 

    Youtube Sensations "NaturallyGG": Charissmatic_  & Unearthedamber ~ Iknowlee

    LEI: Tell us about your growing brand & what we can expect from you in the coming months?
    Brittany: B. Younique is derived from my passion as a sketch artist in search of a more expressive canvas. My passion established B. Younique from 2006 to present. For the last three years, my portfolio spans the gamut from individual makeup consultation to TV pilot shows. My style of makeup application is timeless, flawless makeup. My motto is, “B. Younique; to enhance one’s beauty.”  I believe makeup is an enhancement of one’s natural beauty which is the foundation of makeup. You can expect to see more of my blog posts of supporting other makeup artists under "iSupportMUAs" on byouniquelove.blogpsot.com & much more with just "iSupportMUAs" that I can not disclose now; be on the lookout! We're all striving & learning to be successful in our craft. I actually am about to be under an agency that branched to Florida (Embacy Modeling Agency) as a Model/Makeup Artist/Model Coach. I am extremely excited for the doors that are opening! 

    LEI: Provide your location, booking and social media information.
    Brittany: Located in Miami, Fl. For bookings and/or pricingvisit www.byouniquemakeupartistry.com Instagram (most common): @muabarbs, business Instagram: @facesofbyounique, Facebook page: B. Younique Inc., Blogger: www.byouniquelove.blogspot.com  


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