Going Natural | How Do I Get Started?

I was having a conversation with a young lady who has been struggling with the decision to go natural all because, "I do not know where to begin." So that posed the question, "I want to go natural but how do I get started?" 

When going natural ultimately the decision is up to you. First, I would recommend to someone who wants to go natural, make a decision on exactly how they want to start. There are two options, do the big chop cutting off all of the relaxed hair from the point of where the new growth and relaxed hair meet. Or transition, which is to refrain from putting a relaxer in your hair until your new growth gets to a desired length and then cut off all of the straight pieces. Either way, a big chop must take place in order to be fully natural, however you can do it right away and grow out your 100%  natural hair or you can grow out your hair with both textures and big chop after.

Either way, you will not regret going natural. Just remember in whatever decision you make, to stick to it, have patience and watch the transformation of not only your hair, but you as a person. Going natural can be a life changing experience. 

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