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I am Airie, also known as Fashiontolive. I love fashion, makeup, and hair. I started blogging as a college student and loved it so much I never stopped!

LEI: Your style is fabulous, we want to know, what is your style philosophy? 
AIRIE: I believe that fashion/style is a part of oneself; it is an outward expression of you. With that being said, I think that no matter what your style is, you should "do you". 

LEIHow would you describe your sense of style?
AIRIEI think that my style embodies class and sophistication as well as being on par with current trends

LEIWhere do you pull inspiration from? 
AIRIEI pull inspiration from other fashion bloggers, celebrities, print media as well as tv and the runway. Pretty much anywhere!

LEIWhat is your technique in putting outfits together? 
AIRIEI start with one item that I am obsessing over at the time and I work from there. It could be the shoes, the top, or some other piece of clothing. Then after I have the basic outfit together I think, what can I do to make this unique or "more me"? I always like to  have a cute clutch or bag and jewelry to accompany my outfit which I usually pick out last.

LEISpring is finally here, what are your top must haves for this season? 
AIRIEBlazers, minimalist heels, midi skirts, florals, and crop tops. 

LEIWhat pieces are you looking forward to wearing this season? 
AIRIEI am looking forward to wearing my midi skirts. I always feel like they are so feminine and can have a vintage look. I can't get enough of them!

LEIWhat are some of your favorite accessories?
AIRIEI love long necklaces, cute clutches, and long earrings. I have to admit though my favorite accessories that are always on my wrist are my Michael Kors bangles.

LEIName some of your favorite places to shop? 
AIRIESome of my favorite places to shop are Asos, H&M, Choies, Just Fab, and Lulus.

LEIWhat's your advice for ladies who are developing their style sense?
AIRIEThere can only be one you so don't be afraid to put your own spin on what you wear. Fashion is subjective and creative so dare to stand out!

LEIWhere can we see more of you? 
AIRIEYou can see more of me on my:

YOUTUBE beauty and fashion channel www.youtube.com/user/thefashiontolive

More Photos of Airie of Fashiontolive.blogspot.com


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