Taking Protective Styling To A New Level ~ Crotchet Braids!

May 23, 2014 |  LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE | By Mary Taylor of MsNaturallyMary.blogspot.com

Are you a transitioner who is tired of blending the two textures of your relaxed and natural hair??  Or maybe you’re a newly natural who has recently big chopped and want to experience long beautiful hair now!!

Crotchet Braids” may be the solution to your problem!!

They are easy to install, can be very inexpensive, protect your hair in the process, and they blend well with natural hair. Another bonus is that people won’t even know the difference between your hair and your extensions. Sound good??? Well what are you waiting for?

Here are a photos of all the products you will need.  

*Crotchet needle
*100% Kanekalon Hair (no specific brand)
*Perm rods (the size is completely based on your personal preference)
*Blow dryer
*Pot of boiling water

*** Please note, you will need an extra set of hands for this project***

For your leave out

Motions foam wrap
Cantu Shea butter leave- in
Perm rods

Now for the fun part!! The install!!!!       


After you have purchased everything you need, you are ready to begin the installation process.

First you will begin by deciding where you’d like your leave out to be. If you want to have the option to put your hair up, then leave hair out around the entire perimeter of your hair. It should be no more than an inch wide. Also, consider leaving hair out near your part. This will help the style to look more natural. Twist your leave out up and out of the way until later. 

After you have taken care of your leave out, begin braiding your hair that will be crotched, ensuring that you have applied a moisturizer.  From the front of your hairline to the very crown or the center of your head, braid your hair. Once you have completed this process, connect the braids by making one large braid from ear to ear. 

In the back make one large zig zag braid. This braid pattern helps to eliminate the scalp from being exposed, which can potentially cause the knots to be visible as well, which we will get to later. 

Now that you have your hair all braided up, now its time to start prepping the hair that you will use. In this tutorial, Kanekalon hair is used.  Take the hair out of the package, cut it in half, and begin feathering the hair. (Grip the hair at the center and pull at the ends to eliminate those straight lines that no one is really a fan of.)

Now get your crotchet needle ready because it is time to start crocheting. Be careful when using the needle so that you are not snagging your hair in the process. This can cause damage.

Close the mouth of the needle. Slide it under the braid. Open the mouth, attach the hair, slide it back through and then knot it. It’s that simply. Continue this process all over until the hair is as full as you like it.

Next begin rodding the hair with the perm rods of your choice. The amount of hair you put on each rod also depends on your personal preference. Tip: For more defined ringlets, use smaller sections and perm rods.

Begin boiling a pot of water.
Get your towel ready and your extra set of hands.  Caution: This can be pretty dangerous.  Be extra careful, leave the rodded hair in the boiling water for about 30 seconds. Take it out and towel it dry.
When all of the hair has been dipped.  Take your twisted hair down from your leave out and begin rodding it. This is where the foam wrap and leave- in conditioner come in. Apply these products to your hair and begin rodding. Please note you only need a small amount of Cantu Shea butter leave in.
Let your hair dry over night and viola!!   
     You should have beautiful tresses that everyone will be talking about!

For a full tutorial and extensive details on how to make crochet braids look natural, check out the videos below. 

Feel free to leave any questions and comments below.

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