3 Curl Care Tips For Busy Mommies

June 17, 2014 | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  | By Tiffany Nicole

Mommy this and mommy that. The busy mom has so much on her plate, from cooking, cleaning, nurturing and kissing boo boos, to educating, chauffeuring, to personal styling. The list goes on and on and a mommy with daughters, you've got to make room for your job as a hairdresser. "Mommy, mommy, I need my hair done!" Says, your precious little naturalista! Here are some ideas on how to take care of your little naturalista's hair throughout your busy schedule.

1. Schedule Time 
It's important to set aside a designated day and time for hair care. Especially if you're natural yourself. Between your hair and hers (or theirs) that's a whole lot of hair to manage and maintain. Set reminders and use calenders to help you manage your time and remind you when it's "Hair Day." 
2. Hair Regimens
Creating a hair regimen for your naturalista will be very helpful in managing her hair care needs. It will also save you time because you know exactly what needs to be done and in what order. You'll be able to keep track of how often deep conditioning needs to be done, co-washing etc. The hair regimen will most likely affect your schedule so it's important to remain consistent.
3. Strategic Styling
Strategic styling is key for busy moms. Its best to chose simple, long-lasting styles that will alleviate you from having to do her hair over and over again. Pick a style that will last days at a time and make sure to wrap her hair appropriately to maintain the style throughout each night. Some great long-lasting styles include: ponytails, buns, braids, twists and various age appropriate up-dos.



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