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Bukola Abubakar

My nationality is Nigerian. I am just a 23 year old graduate from a medical school in Ukraine.

LEI: Your style is fabulous, we want to know, what is your style philosophy? 
Bukola: I basically love simple fashion pieces that when combined properly make a statement. For example, I have fallen in love with peplum tops, denim and pencil skirts.


LEI: How would you describe your sense of style?

Bukola: I would describe my style as revolving, incorporating both retro and current trends into my daily looks. Moreover I adore colors and I dare to wear them.


LEI: Where do you pull inspiration from?
Bukola: My style icons : Victoria Beckham, Folake of Style Pantry , Addie of Style Fluency. I am also inspired by everyday fashionable women I come across anywhere, including my friends.

LEI: What is your technique in putting outfits together?
Bukola: I don't have a basic technique in putting my outfits together, it depends basically on my mood. As they say style is an expression of the imagination.


LEI: Spring is finally here, what are your top must haves for this season?
Bukola: Bright colored maxi gowns!

LEI: What pieces are you looking forward to wearing this season?
Bukola: I love bright colors for spring and summer, midi skirts, skater skirts, denim in various styles.


LEI: What are some of your favorite accessories?
Bukola: My favorite accessories are: clutch purses, my neck piece and bracelets.

LEI: Name some of your favorite places to shop? (Stores/Websites)
Bukola: My favorite stores are Zara, River Island, Bershka, Primark.
Online stores : Ali express, eBay, ASOS


LEI: What's your advice for ladies who are developing their style sense?

Five must-haves

  • Little black dress
  • Blazers
  • High-waisted skinny Jean
  • Pencil Skirt
  • A red lipstick

LEI: What's your advice for ladies who are developing their style sense?
Bukola: My advice for ladies who are developing their style sense is to always dress according to your body type and shape. Everything is not for everyone!!

LEI: Where can we see more of you?
Blog : www.bucandy.blogspot.com
Instagram : @bucandy91

Facebook : Bucandy


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