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SKIN CARE | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  | By Brittany Hamilton of

A depiction of beauty, in this generation, seems to achieve the thickest, sharpest brows to a ‘beat’ face. We can really forget or overlook one part, our skin.

We naturally, want to conceal a blemish and that shouldn’t be the only trick in the book! There are many natural remedies that you can create from home that will help your skin look and feel more radiant, youthful, and blemish-free.

Along with facial products, it is also what you intake; such as types of foods and liquids. Question what you eat and how often. Your skin reacts with what you do internally as well as externally. In order to see ultimate results, you must simply be patient and most importantly, be consistent. So of course, I have one up my sleeve!

-         Lemon Wash (Day/Night Routine)
You will need:

1.    Face towel
2.    Fresh lemons
3.    Cotton pads or cotton balls
4.    Face exfoliation wash (of choice)
5.    Moisturizer (of choice)
6.    5-10 minutes of your time


Step 1: Cut lemons in half. Squeeze half of the lemon onto a cotton pad. Wipe the cotton pad all over your face. Lemon reacts as a toner and also rids dirt and bacteria from your face. Why fresh lemons? Simply because, fresh lemons has more nutrients then lemon juice.  

Step 2: Scrub your face, lips, neck and ears gently with your face exfoliation wash. Rinse with cool water with your face towel, NOT with your hands. Your hands are filled with bacteria, which defeats the purpose. Cool water helps to keep unnecessary oils extracting from your face.

Step 3: Don’t dry your face. Use the same face towel and soak it under lukewarm to almost hot water. Drench it, and place towel over your face for 1 minute. Hot water opens your pores and welcomes the wash + toner you placed on your face previously.

Step 4: Rinse your face with cool to cold water again. Then let your face slightly air dry and follow with a day or night moisturizer depending on the time of day. Rinsing your face with cool to cold water “seals” your pores.

This is a daily day/night routine that can help every face. Do not always seek to conceal a blemish rather get rid of it while you can!    


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