4 Contributors to Hair Breakage

July 29, 2014 |  LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE | By Tiffany Nicole

BRITTLE NAILS  Many ladies may experience breakage sometime time in their life. There are so many things that can contribute to hair breakage combing, brushing, poor hair care, etc. But what about your nails? Yes, one thing I have noticed as a natural is that when my nails are not properly filed, when styling my hair, I notice my hair gets caught up in the brittle, chipped nails. If you are not huge on going to the nail salon, it's even more important that our nail edges are smooth and filed down.
STYLING TOOLS It is important when using certain tools to watch out for how they can cause breakage in you hair. Above you can see tools that almost any woman with a head of hair has used at some point.  

Headbands- When using headbands with combs in them, be careful how you put the headband on and how you take it out. Whether you have thick, course hair or thin, fine hair, curly, straight - it doesn't matter! 

Clamps & Claws - The metal in the clamps can grab a hold of your hair
Bobby Pins - Once the plastic ball falls off the end of the pin, through it out! 
Hair Ties - Hair is known to get caught in the metal on the tie, so instead opt for the Ouch-less hair ties that don't have any metal.
Hair & Curl Clips - Be super careful with these! Whether they are all metal or covered in plastic, the hair can still get caught up in between the clip.

LACK OF MOISTURE - Moisture is essential to the  maintenance of healthy natural hair. Moisture keeps the elasticity of the hair, and helps the nourishment of each hair strand. Since moisture is elasticity or the springiness of the hair strand, it is crucial to make sure your hair is moisturized.

COMBING & BRUSHING NATURAL HAIR - Naturals come across this problem all the time. We know we have to detangle our hair in efforts to keep it from matting and tangling (which also cause breakage) but sometime the methods in which we attempt to detangle can add stress to the hair and cause breakage. Be careful when using combs and brushes to detangle curly hair also make sure you never attempt to detangle on dry hair!!! Listed below are types of combs and brushes that will do the job without damaging your tresses.
     Denman Brush   
Wide Tooth Comb  
Detangle Brush

Patel Brush

There are so many more contributor to hair breakage, but these are some of the most common. 

Tiffany Nicole 
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