Dear Diary: I Returned to His Arms

July 30, 2014 |  LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE | Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Today I woke up with such an enormous overwhelming amount of joy I just can't fully explain it. For a while now, I have strayed away for my Heavenly Father, not intentionally but I've been so distracted and 
consumed by all of my responsibilities that I have spoken to Him less and less and I just feel awful about it. It wasn't until I came up on a trial in my way that only He would know how to help me get through, that I thought about how far I have drifted away.

I was afraid to go before Him because I was afraid He would reject me or be upset with me because of the distance I've created. But no, He was exactly the opposite. He welcomed me back with open arms and I am so overwhelmed with joy unspeakable.

I realized that though I created the problem, the rift between us, He was waiting all this time for me to come back so that He can show me the right path, the right direction. I've been trying to do it all on my own and in turn, I endure much unnecessary stress and pain. But the moment I returned, the moment I repented and acknowledged that I needed Him, He lifted the weight I bared all this time. JUST LIKE THAT! 

He explained to me that my trials are part of the fulfilling of my purpose, and the lessons that I learn from my trials will help me to become the person I need to be to fulfill the task He would later assign to me. My trials are part of the molding and shaping of my character and how I deal with my trials will determine whether or not I will fulfill my purpose.

I'm so grateful that God is merciful, forgiving and loves me! I am even more overjoyed that I have another chance! 

-Til Next Time
His Princess


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