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Beauty Bargains | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE | By Tiffany Nicole

We Are Onyx is a monthly subscription service that provides black women with a wealth of information and products for healthy hair, skin and nails. We Are Onyx provides hair care products and information for both relaxed and natural hair beauties, along with loads of makeup product options. Not only will a subscriber receive products but also style advice from the well known hair expert Felicia Leatherwood who styles for Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Do you know your skin type? Ask the experts! We Are Onyx also provides advice on skin care from a panel of beauty host and experts. Their website provides educational tutorials on different beauty topics and products. As a subscriber, you get to choose your favorite products and customize your own box. To subscribe, go to and add your monthly subscription for $20 a month to your cart.

Founder Delali Kpodzo

For ladies who are searching to find their hair, skin and nail staples or just like to try out new items without breaking the bank, this option affords you that opportunity. Instead of purchasing products separately and paying full price for each, you can purchase a box full of sample products for half the costs you would normally pay. You can't beat that!

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