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Esteem & Empowerment | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE | By Tiffany Baker

Rejection it is something all of us have and will face at some point in our lives. Depending on how we take rejection, it can make or break us. Rejection may have begun with more traumatizing situations like abandonment, neglect, physical & verbal abuse, hurt from a parent or family member, however many of the reactions of rejection generally manifests through more insignificant recurring situations like:
  • Being overlooked for promotions
  • Uninvited / Excluded from a group of people
  • Being ignored /neglected by someone you admire
  • Lack of positive reinforcement for a job well done.
  • Being nitpicked at "I can't do anything right!"
  • Lack of support for something positive you are doing
  • Lack of empathy or sympathy for bad news you received
  • Not getting "Likes, Follows & Subscribes"
  • Getting your call sent to voicemail after the first ring!
  • Nonresponse to a text or email..
Rejection is a feeling and is comes from our perception of a person(s) actions toward us. It is developed by another feeling that we know all too well FEAR!. Fear of not being good enough, not being worthy enough, and not fitting in. It's all a part of the feeling of rejection. There are times when indeed rejection is taking place but there are also times when it's all in our minds. We may feel like others are rejecting us but not all the time is that the case. That's why it's imperative that we control our feelings and don't make drastic life decisions based off of temporary feelings. It always leads to a dead end and subjects us to rippling affects, suppressed resentment and built up tension towards the person(s). That is not a way to live, we want to be free of others expectations and opinions of us not let it lord over our minds. 

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3 Destructive Purposes of Rejection:

1. Satan wants you isolated so that he can have you all to himself to mess up your mind. 1 Peter 5:8

2. To keep you further away from God who loves you. If you are not strong, you will start to feel as though God Himself is rejecting you like everyone else. As a result, you'll drift further and further away and find it hard to except His everlasting love for you. Jeremiah 31:3

3. To get you to fear people! If you stop putting yourself out there, you won't get hurt. That is the idea that circulates around. This is the mindset that will keep us living in constant fear...of PEOPLE and the Bible says to only fear God not mere flesh & bone. Psalm 56:4 

3 Constructive Purposes of Rejection:

1. To show you not to put our faith in people but in God. God made people, and He will use people to bless you, so it's best to rely on the Creator rather than the created. People will never be able to satisfy our deep longing to be loved and accepted. Every person on the planet is going through something themselves, so to rely on a person or people to fill voids is not the answer.  There is a place inside of each of us that only God can fill. He created us and created that place  so that we will come seek Him and find Him. 
Psalm 118: 8 | Psalm 146:3   

2. To turn your pain into powerful testimony to help others! The pain of your rejection turned into your purpose. Look at the many men and women in the Bible who have experienced rejection, yet thousands of years later, their stories of triumph over their rejections & disappointments have encouraged and changed the hearts and lives of billions! Romans 8:28 | Philippians 4:13

3. To drive you to focusing on what God thinks of you and drives you to focusing and accepting yourself. At this point, what others think and say take no precedence over what God has said about you and what He has set before you to do. The more you love God and yourself the less people's opinions and perceptions toward you impact your life.  Jeremiah 29:11 | Romans 5: 3-5 

Love God, Embrace Yourself, Inspire Others!


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