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August 16, 2014 |  LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE | By Sarah Vaughn

Scarf Blouse

I spend a lot of time analyzing whether something is worth the purchase or not. I’m pretty sure a lot of ladies have had their share of doing the very same thing. When it comes to fashion we all want to be fashionable yet because of our more important obligations we need to also remember to stay reasonably within our budget. Now, this may have come a lot easier for me than most (So you think!), being that I grew up with a mother who is a seamstress, but I find that with a little guidance we can all put together some really cute pieces no matter where we are and how much we know about sewing.

Today, I’ll show you how to make a simple throw over blouse with a scarf.  This will work for ANY SIZE! I’ll also show you a few different ways you can where it!
Let’s begin with the basics. Here is what you will need

1. A large Scarf (For this demonstration I will be using 1 scarf. Personally, I find using 2 may give you more of a flowing look to the shirt. Depending on your beautiful and wonderfully made size you may want to choose to use a yard or two of a fabric of your choice instead of an actual scarf.)

2. Scissors (any sharp scissors will do)

3. Needle &Thread (or if you have a sewing machine it will take a little less time)

4. A tape measure (optional: I’ll show you how to use your fingers ;))

5. Your hands!

1. Fold the Scarf in Half. Make sure that all corners are properly aligned.

2. Fold it again! Fold the Scarf (already folded in half) once more. It should now resemble more of a square rather than a rectangle

a. Prep for step 3: if you do not have a tape measure, a general rule of thumb is to use your index finger as the 3 inch mark as seen in image 2.a.

3. Measure three inches from the center corner of the folded scarf and make a mark there. (You can use the needle to make the mark).

4. Cut out a neck hole 3 inches wide and 1 inch deep. See image 4 and 4.b.

5. Open the scarf back to the half and it should look like image 5.

6. In order to make the front of the blouse have a lower neckline we will need to change the way we cut it.
          a.  Unfold the top portion of the scarf away from you and now fold it back in half by joining the left and right sides together.

          b. It should resemble image 6.b now.

7. Measure about 4 inches from the corner of one side of the neck hole.

 a. Mark that with your needle

8. Use your scissors to cut from that point to the center of your neck hole.

a. It should look like 8.a when you open it out. (**If you decide not to hem the edges then you may stop here and style it as a shawl or sleeve as seen below.)

9. While the scarf is folded in half with the longer neck cut facing towards you, stitch two straight lines on both sides of the scarf. The stitches will fall a few inches near the sides of your stomach.
These stitches will help the scarf stay in place as you wear it.

10. Hem the neck hole by double folding it and using your needle and thread to make basic stitches or by using your sewing machine.

Voila! If you have any questions, be sure to message me on this thread or reach out to me via twitter, Facebook, or Intagram..

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