Woman of Virtue | Queen Esther

Her Babylonian name also spelled "Isthar" means "Babylonian Goddess of Love" or  the Persian word for "Star"

Her Hebrew birth name "Hadassah" means "Myrtle"

Her Story is found:
Her own book of ESTHER, The Holy Bible

On the thrown before Esther was Vashti, queen of Persia and the most powerful woman in the Middle East. But Vashti's status was about to change. King Xerxes summoned his wife and Queen Vashti, to accompany him in a feast he had prepared. He wanted her to parade herself in front of drunken men like a prized trophy, but she refused. This brought great fear and intimidation in the hearts of the men throughout the kingdom that their wives would also disrespect and dishonor them and cause discord. The king's councilmen influenced the king to punish Vashti for her insolence. What was the punishment? Vashti was banished from the kingdom and her status as queen was terminated. After a short while, a search was conducted in efforts to find the new queen who will rule in place of Vashti and become the queen of Persia. In that particular time, Persians shared their land with the Jews because of the Jew's exile from Judah a hundred years prior (the fall of Jerusalem 587 B.C.) they were sent to Babylon which was then defeated by Persia.

Esther was a young, orphan Jewish girl who lived with her uncle Mordecai in exile about 650 miles from northeast Jerusalem. King Xerxes was looking for a new queen, a young, beautiful virgin and among the vasts amount of young ladies selected to live in the king's harlem, Esther was one. Death would be among those who refused and so Esther a Jew, was advised by her uncle Mordecai to keep her Jewish ancestry a secret. He changed her name from her Jewish name Hadassah, to a Persian name Esther. After many months within the king's harlem, Esther's moment before the king had arrived. King Xerxes was so pleased with Esther, that he immediately choose her to be his queen.

Her Despair:
Shortly after her new reign as Queen of Persia began, an Amalekite name Haman rose to power as a great official to the King, so much so, that all the other officials working for the king had to bow down at the feet of Haman. Haman would ride through the city commanding everyone to bow to him, but Mordecai, Esther's uncle would never bow, for God was the only one the Jews should bow to, this caused a steering anger in Haman and in this decided to annihilate every Jew. Not realizing that Queen Esther herself was also a Jew. When word got to Queen Esther, her heart was sorrowful for her people would perish. Mordecai sent her a message from the Lord, that she must approach the king, reveal her ancestry and plead for the lives of her people. But Esther was afraid, for any man or woman who approaches the King unsummoned by law; could be put to death.

Her Delight:
Mordecai over heard two of the king's officials plotting to kill the king, and anonymously sent word to Queen Esther who then took courage and went before King Xerxes to warn him and to also tell him about Haman's plot to kill all of the Jews. Because the King was so in love with Esther, he did not order her death for coming before him unsummoned or for lwithholding information to him about her Jewish heritage.  Later on, Mordecai was rewarded for his service to the king in the presence of Haman, he remembered Mordecai and in place of the death of the Jews, ordered Haman to be hung.

Her Downfall: Hiding her true identity, ancestry and faith.

Her Joy: Saving the lives of her people through her obedience to God.

Her Promise: God promised her that her life as well as her people's lives will be saved.

Her Virtues: Great Courage, Hope, Charity, Faithfulness, Perseverance, Purity, Humility

Queen Esther is my favorite female in the Bible. Her story is so courageous and shows us how important it is to obey God. In our obedience to God, He will not only use us to bring glory and honor to His name, but He will reward our obedience. Queen Esther through her obedience saved many lives, a whole nation. She was very courageous, intelligent, humble and virtuous. 

What kind of woman are you striving to be?

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