Love & Relationships | Women & Power: Is Your Man Threatened By Your Success?

Love & Relationships | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  |By Dominique Parks

Ladies are you in a relationship where your mate is intimidated by you, but you can’t figure out why?  Have you ever stopped to consider that it may be because you bring in more money than him?

We no longer live in a society where the men are the ‘breadwinners’ of the household.  Plenty of women have careers where they earn more than the man, and that’s perfectly all right…to us.  However, the man may have a problem with it.  Men are taught to be the protector and provider of the family.  Not all of them are bothered when they don’t, but there are some men out there who are intimidated by the woman earning more.  

One of the top reasons men feel threatened in a relationship is because of the success of the woman, and most of the time this causes a distance in the relationship, and ultimately leads to a breakup.  So what are ways we can prevent our significant other from feeling threatened, so that we can have a lasting, healthy relationship?

The worst thing we as women can do to a man is emasculate him.  Men want to feel powerful, not like a failure.  Does this mean we have to give up the careers we love and the happiness we feel in being able to take care of ourselves and help provide, just to give a man the power?  I’m not saying that at all.  Don’t devalue yourself to boost his ego.  A few simple actions of yours can make a major difference in the way he feels. 

·         Spend more time with him when not at the office so that he doesn’t feel like you’re too busy or that he’s been forgotten.  Come home from work and cook him a nice dinner, then cuddle up and watch a movie, or simply talk to one another…ask him how his day went.  You’ll be surprised by how far a little extra time and attention can go.
·         Don’t buy gifts that are too expensive, or gifts that would be considered above his pay scale.  It might make him feel like he’s not able to match what you’re able to afford. 
·         Let him take care of you if he wants.  Not allowing him to do what he wants for you is saying to him that you don’t think he can afford it.  A man loves to do special things for his woman.  Ladies…DON’T STOP HIM!  If he wants to shower you with gifts or take you out, let him.  That’s not being a ‘gold digger’, its showing that you appreciate what he does for you. 
·         If you’re having a conversation or argument about money, don’t rub in the fact that you make more.  Let’s face it…no one wants a price tag held over his head!

Every man is different.  Don’t assume you know how your significant other feels, or compare how you think he may feel based on what a friend may be experiencing in her relationship.  There are men out there who aren’t bothered by the fact that some women make more than them.  Ask questions.  Talk to him to find out how he feels.  Communication is key!

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