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October 16, 2014 | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  | By Mary Taylor

FALL is here and I’m sure you want to enjoy it in style! Embrace the fall fashion trend of not only layering your clothing, but also layering your Jewelry. This new trend is fun, flirty, and on the rise! It gives you the opportunity to dust off some of your old pieces, while adding flare to some of your new ones.

Just a couple of days ago, I was doing some fall organizing.Still a bit of a newbie to organizing.. But, somehow organizing seems to give you a sense of control.. A sense of comfort even.. During this process I began finding items I thought Id lost and even came across jewelry I forgot I had. Excited at this point, I began hanging it all in an area that was visible to me, as it had previously been stuffed in a large duffle from my previous move from NC to Texas. You know how the saying goes Out of sight, Out of mind. Well, thats what happened in this case. Because all my p
ieces were disorganized and tucked away in different nooks, I lost sight of them.

      After getting it all organized to my liking, I felt inspired. I thought Why not see if I can get my creative juices flowing??.

One of my favorite places to be in the evening is sitting at my computer, snuggled up to great music while on Pinterest. I just love that site!! To be honest, I think Im borderline addicted lol Nonetheless, I came across the whole idea of layering necklaces.. It actually wasnt my first time, as I frequent fashion finds and trends on Pinterest and had pinned several looks months prior. However, that particular day I thought why not give it a go. I had never tried it before and it looked so appealing. I actually didnt even know if I owned the right pieces to attempt it. But, I as I stated earlier, I was pretty motivated.. After all, I had just come across many pieces that seemingly did a disappearing act for a couple of months now lol

So getting started. It was pretty much a game of trial and error from there. After about an hour of trying on and taking off, trying on and taking off. I think I had it down to a science lol I felt like a Pro. So I had to share!!! Below are tips that I used along the way and a link to my YouTube channel with amazing ideas for you all to try.

                                    Tips on Layering Necklaces

 I like to think of it as the staircase approach; layering them according length.
-When layering necklaces that are the same length try to find pieces that are complimentary to each other in color or design. If you have a chunky piece, layer it with a necklace of the same length that adds a pop of color to it or layer it with a necklace that differs in dimension.

                       ~Don’t be afraid to mix metals~
Yes.I know you're used to wearing gold with gold and silver with silver… But, where’s the fun in that? Fashion is not always about pairing items that match, but rather pairing items that go..

Gold and silver look great together!! They're like cousins that have been placed on opposing sides of the fence. But, they want to play together! So let them (;

-Be daring! Dont be afraid to try pieces that you may not feel will work. When I initially tried it, I got outside my comfort zone, gave it a go and I surprised myself with how well the looks turned out lol  Youll be astonished to see that what you actually thought would not work, looks like a piece you could possibly see in a store advertised the same way you constructed it (:

-Lastly, Have fun!!

Follow the link below to my new video on my channel where I provide loads of ideas on how to layer your necklaces!!

Mary Taylor


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