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October 7, 2014 | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  | Lady Inspire

LEI Lady Inspire

LEI Lady Magazine is dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and uplifting women. We pride ourselves on being women of faith who desire to use our gifts to impact the world for Christ. Our foundation is our hope and belief in Jesus Christ and desire to spread the Gospel in hopes of planting seeds for the Glory of God to water and shine upon. Being a young woman who is faithful and dedicated to the call of God on our life in this generation can be challenging, but we here at have found 3 women who we watch and admire who fit that LEI Lady Love God and He will reveal to you who you are, Embrace who He has called you to be and Inspire others with your story, your gift, your message. 

Here are our picks: 3 Inspirational Young Women of Faith You Should Know:

Dana Chanel Olivera
Dana Chanel, a 20 something year old world changer, is a believer of Christ and is the founder of Sprinkle of Jesus, an organization which is dedicated to inspiring this generation to seek a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. She is also the founder of Christian Base, an organization dedicated to helping new Christian based businesses. This young woman of God is a blogger and vlogger who is not afraid to share her love for Jesus Christ and is determined to inspire others to do the same. You can find her on YouTube using her motivational videos to encourage, empower, and lead others to Christ. 

Courtney Sanders

Courtney Sanders, 26, is a entrepreneur, budding finance & personal development coach and blogger of Think & Grow Chick. She is an inspiring young woman who sets out to encourage women to live their best life and to go after their dreams. She loves God and believes that God should be the foundation of all we do. You can find this beauty inspiring women through her blog, YouTube and Facebook pages.

Jennifer Lucy Tyler
Jennifer Lucy Tyler, 33, is known as an inspirational powerhouse who is dedicated to motivating, empowering and inspiring others. A graduate of Spirit of Faith Bible Institute, Jennifer is a licensed minster, motivational speaker, and  the author of her book, "Dried Tears: A Woman's Guide to Overcoming." Let's not forget among the many other things we may have left out, Jennifer is a true follower of Christ and is not ashamed of sharing the Gospel.  

Do you know any women of faith who are changing the world? Let us know! We love to hear from you! Leave your comment below.


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