The Right Way To Sanitize Your Makeup

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Let’s talk about sanitation! Let’s be honest most of us don’t clean our makeup as much as we should or in some cases ever! It’s actually pretty important that we do disinfect and remove the germs that grow on our makeup. This should be done at least once a month. If you didn’t know bacteria can live and grow on your makeup products. I know, GROSS! This can cause all sorts of problems on our face. Mainly BREAKOUTS! It’s bad enough we have to deal with internal issues causing breakouts, we don’t want to slap a layer of bacteria on our face and make it worse. It is particularly important to sanitize our products during cold and flu season. You don’t want to get sick from your makeup! So how we sanitize our makeup? Glad you asked. Rubbing alcohol, a small spray bottle and paper towels are your cure. Rubbing alcohol and small spray bottles can be found in any drugstore for a couple of dollars.

Pressed Powders: Pressed powders can be face powders, eyeshadow, blush, bronzers, and highlighters. These can be sanitized in two ways. First take a paper towel and gently wipe off the top layer of the powder. Then you want to take that spray bottle with your rubbing alcohol in it and spray the top layer once.  Allow to air dry for a few minutes. Secondly you can grab a butter knife and gently scrape off the top layer of all your products. Don’t scrape off too much or you may break your powder. That would be terrible!

Lipstick: If possible try to buy lipstick that comes in metal containers rather than plastic. Plastic containers retain more germs than metal containers.  In order to clean your lipstick take a Q-tip or paper towel and wipe off that very top layer. Again be careful you don’t want to break your lipstick. Then take a small dish and pour rubbing alcohol in the dish. Twist up your lipstick and dip in the alcohol for 30 seconds. Let air dry or take a tissue and gently dry. You can also spray your lipstick with rubbing alcohol but the previous way really gets it clean better.

Pencil Liners: Pencil liners are any liner from eye to lip liners. The best way to keep these sanitized is to simply sharpen them frequently. If you’re not ready to sharpen then wipe them off on a paper towel and spray with rubbing alcohol. If you have a retractable lip or eye liner, dip these in a dish of rubbing alcohol for 30 secs then allow to air dry.

Cream/Gel Products: These are pretty simple to sanitize. Just spray with rubbing alcohol and let dry upside down on a paper towel.

Tube Applicators: These are usually lip gloss tube applicators and sometimes a tube cream eyeshadow. The best way to handle these is to wipe off the tip with a paper towel and spray with rubbing alcohol. Allow to air dry.

Makeup That Can’t Be Sanitized: There are several types of makeup that can’t be sanitized. For these its best to know the shelf life and throw away after that time period. Keeping these products too long put you at risk for infections or breakouts. These are anything with a wand applicator such as lip gloss, mascara, liquid foundations, nail polish, and loose powders. The best way to avoid bacteria with lip gloss and mascara is to use disposable wands. Loose powders can be poured in a separate container then applied to the face. Make sure to throw away the extra left in that container.

Makeup Brushes: Now how do you clean those brushes you ask. Well brushes are pretty simple to clean. Soap and water are really all you need. I personally use Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo. It’s very gentle on your brushes and won’t do too much damage. If soap and water aren’t available there is a bunch of different spray on makeup cleaners on the market. In between washes you can lightly spray rubbing alcohol across the brushes and wipe them off.

Well there you have it! Make sure to keep those makeup products and brushes clean. 


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