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October 3, 2014 | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  | When Girl Meets Curls


My name is MaRae and I am a born and raised Virginia girl!  I am a lover of all things fabulous, shopping, and beauty while living my life to the fullest. I am a junior in college majoring in Professional Communications with a minor in Marketing. My dream is to be an entertainment news anchor or a fashion journalist. I am also have my own fashion and lifestyle blog The Always Fabulous.

What made you decide to go natural?
- I decided to go natural after my mom went natural and seeing how fabulous she looked I decided as well. It was also my senior year of high school and I was leaving for college soon so I knew that I wouldn't be able to come home every other week to get my hair done so that also played a factor when I decided. 

Did you transition or BC "Big Chop"?
- I transitioned because I was not brave enough to do the big chop. So, I transitioned for almost a year then I just got the little bit of permed hair that I had left cut off. While transitioning I wore blow outs until I could not anymore then I went with the route of wearing weaves and sengalese twist. 


What were your fears going in and how did you overcome them?
- To be honest I did not have any fears going in because I was ready for my natural hair journey and if anything I was more excited to see what my natural hair looked liked. 

Name some reasons why you are happy about your decision? 
- I am happy with my decision because natural hair is very versatile! I love that I can do so much more with my hair than I could do with it was relaxed.

What are some of your favorite hair products? 
- I live by Cantu products! I started using that line when I first went natural so they are my go-to products. But I do like other products such as Shea Moisture, Organix, Coconut oil, Beautiful Textures, Eden Body Works, and many more. 

What is your hair routine? 
- I was my hair every other week and co-wash the week that I do not wash my hair. After that I deep condition for most of the day or overnight if I decide to. I am very serious about deep conditioning! Once my hair is clean and deep conditioned I do flat twists or any other style that I decide on mostly dried hair so that my hair is stretched so that I do not have a lot of shrinkage. For the remainder of the week I re-twist or pineapple depending on the success of the my first twist out. I also get my hair trimmed every three months and take my vitamins daily which has been a major factor in my hair growth. 

What advice would you give someone considering going natural or who is new to being a natural?
- My advice for someone considering going natural is to do your research and to see if it is something that you really want to do because being natural is a lot of work and time. If you want to have healthy natural hair you must give it much TLC which can be time consuming sometimes. To someone that is new to being natural I would definitely say to find out what products work for you because what works for someone else might not work for you. Learn what works for your hair and it will save you a lot of money on products! 

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