December 2014 ~ Natural Of The Month: Patrice

Hi there loves! My name is Patrice a.ka. Patty Pepper and I am a 34 year third grade teacher, foodie, guinea pig lover, and entrepreneur. I come from a loving home of two loving parents and I have two brothers. I love thrift store shopping which allows me to maintain and create my own unique look and I love trying new things with my hair. My current passion is growing and maintaining my business YOU EVOLVE.

The  brand was created to help provide its clients with a positive and lasting experience while providing a number of  services such as protective styles, custom made wigs, hair beauty product reviews, makeup consultations, natural hair meet-ups, and natural hair styling. YOU EVOLVE was originally created as a hobby making wigs for friends as YOU EVOLVE Wigs but soon the brand expanded to a larger clientele and now offers a wider variety of services for customers to enjoy. The YOU EVOLVE brand has grown tremendously in part because of its supporters. Patrice RenĂ©e acknowledges and credits supporters such as Kel B Pics Photography, Graced by Nature, Unconditioned Roots, Curlbox, and Carol's Daughter. She has also partnered with some amazing companies as Brand Ambassador including ONYC Hair, FROS & BEAUS, We Are Onyx and The Mane Occasion. The mission of YOU EVOLVE is about the everyday women being able to freely express herself while treating herself to a great hair evolution! 

What made you decide to go natural? 
Patty: I decided to go natural in 2010 when I grew really tired of perming my hair every 6-8 weeks and I wanted to know what my natural hair texture was like. I have always been a fan of big hair and I didn't think I really I could achieve that look with maintaining the perm. Typically I would go to the hair salon and try various styles but I found it tedious after awhile I really wanted something different with my hair. I went to Whole Foods one afternoon and saw a beautiful woman who was wearing this huge afro puff and I was completely mesmerized. I walked up to her and asked her various questions on how to become a naturalista. She gave me great tips that day and as soon as I got home I did the big chop. I didn't regret my decision and I've been natural since that day. 

Did you transition or  "Big Chop"? What was that process like for you? 
Patty: I did the Big Chop after my meeting with a naturalista in Whole Foods. This decision was well thought out and I was completely ready. I needed to feel free and once I did the big chop (by myself) I knew I made the right choice.

Did you have any fears or were you fearless? If apprehensive, how did you overcome your fears? 
Patty: I was completely fearless but I think that mainly comes from being connected with who I am. I always live outside the "normal" box and have felt comfortable with change.

Name some reasons why you are happy about your decision? 
Patty: I am happy with my decision to go natural because of the versatility I notice with natural hair. You can wear protective styles, wear a really short hairstyle, or just experiment with your hair texture and just let it do what it does best:) 

What do you love most about your hair?
Patty: I love that I have big hair! I'm all about the big hair and I love that if I choose to fro it out completely I can and I can also wear it kinky curly.

What are some of your favorite hair products?
Patty: I absolutely love Cantu Curling Activator Cream and also Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I use both of these products to maintain my curly look and my big fro look.

What is your hair routine? 
Patty: I use a tangle teezer to maintain curl definition and I use cantu curling activator mixed with Jamaican Castor Oil in my spray bottle. I fill my spray bottle with half water and half cantu and jamaican castor oil. I spray the product on my hair before two strand twisting it or combing my hair out.

What advice would you give someone considering going natural or who is new to being a natural? 
Patty: BE YOURSELF! It's so easy to have hair envy because you basically see so many beautiful naturalistas and you can think to yourself "I want her hair" or "why doesn't my hair look like that?" I think it's best to experiment with your hair and find what it is that suits you best until you feel comfortable with a look that makes you feel AMAZING!

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Instagram: @patty_pepper
Facebook: youevulve


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