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Style & Beauty | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  | By Michelle A. C.

It’s Michelle here with BeYotifulbyM and I want to talk to you about my “Top 10 Winter Must-Haves”. There may be more than 10 things you’ll need to survive winter, but I wanted to narrow them down for you.

1. Let’s start off with the much needed, chap stick! I don’t think it really matters how cold it is where you reside, chap stick is always a must. It just so happens that during those winter months, the lips begin to feel a bit dryer than usual. It’s always such a relief when having one of these mini Vaseline’s in my purse. When I first saw these at my local Target I had to grab one. I also own the large size one to keep at home.

*Speaking of Vaseline, did you know there were multiple uses for it? Here are a few:
·         Use as shaving cream
·         Keeps cuticles soft
·         Soothes skin after shaving
·         Moisturizes chapped hands
·         Tames Eyebrows
·         Lengthens and thickens eyelashes (my personal favorite)

2. Let’s move on to hair. I naturally have curly hair but I think every woman can relate to this. Have you ever experience dry hair? Especially around these months… Yeah, me too. It is extremely important to moisturize your hair and deep condition it as often as possible.  My favorite deep conditioner is from the Carol’s Daughter: Black Vanilla Line called “Moisturizing Hair Smoothie”.  It is particularly formulated for woman seeking to relieve brittleness and dryness from their hair. This really comes in handy for me.

3. One of my favorite things to collect are SCRAVES! They’re so pretty and come in all types of colors and patterns. When I think of winter, immediately I want to make sure that I am warm. I have had to endure some of the coldest winters being from up north. This particular scarf just looks so cozy; I’d like to turn it into a blanket!

4. Speaking of staying warm and feeling cozy, it is quite essential to make sure your feet and legs stay warm. Many people disregard the importance of leg warmers and thick socks BUT they will do the job and keep you warm.


5. And who says you can’t be warm and cute at the same time? I know you noticed how cute those boots were, which brings me to my next winter must-have. COMBAT BOOTS! They come in all colors and patterns, which is why they are so convenient. I have a look book video on how I style basic black ones, which I wear ALL them time.


6. Of course continuing on with the trend of staying warm AND cute at the same time, here are some must-have chunky sweaters that’ll keep you warm all through the winter. Whether they’re in form of cardigan, kimono or over-sized in fit, sweaters are always an awesome addition for a winter wardrobe. Here are a few styles for you to take a look at, which one fits your personality?

Ok so, this may seem a little random but hear me out. Whatever your preference may be, be it coffee in a cute mug, your favorite tea, or even an on the go latté from Starbucks; a nice warm drink on a cold winter day always brings warmth to the body. My favorite tea to drink is ginger tea, ginger also happens to have great health benefits that are great for fighting that ugly flu.

8. Let’s be honest, you have to actually like your winter coat and feel pretty in it. Winter coats can be tricky because you want to make sure you’re warm BUT it HAS to be cute (with emphasis on the *CUTE).  A neat trick that I have discovered on finding a trendy winter coat, without going out of my budget, is visiting my local thrift store. There are so many people that donate their winter coats after only using it ONE time! Check out some of your local thrift stores.

9. Due to the cold weather in the winter months, it is very important to have a moisturizing skin care routine so that your skin isn't irritated. This skin care system, Lumiere de Vié, promotes the natural healing process of the skin for all skin types. With its natural ingredients and powerful formulas, it helps rejuvenate the skin, which is very important, especially in the winter. The photo below shoes the whole system but if I had to choose only one item, it’d have to be the moisturizer, it keeps the skin soft and hydrated. Try it out!

10. Last, but certainly not least, are HATS! Hats are a definite must-have. There are so many shapes and styles to choose from, which makes it so FUN! I personally love beanies and Fedora’s, which is so funny because they kind of belong in two different worlds. The beanie accentuating the street chic side of my style, while the fedora highlights a sophisticated stylish gal.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, there are probably a couple of other must-haves that you may need to survive the winter, but I think that for the most part these things are VITAL! See, the thing is, I wanted to make a combination of items I’d need to wear, use or drink to keep warm.  What are some of your winter must-haves?
Tootles BeYouty!


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