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Empowerment | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  | By Tiffany Nicole

 For some, being yourself can comes naturally, while for others not so much. Why is that? I believe it is because of the lack of confidence one might have, life circumstances that can sometimes cause a person to give up on themselves and their dreams. For others it could be an event that happen to them in their adolescent years. Whatever the cause may be, it is important to know that we were all created with a purpose and that until we understand who we are individually, we will never fully live a fulfilled life. To put the icing on the cake, learning about ourselves through the lenses of Christ is even more rewarding. By having Christ as our foundation, He reveals to us our purpose and reassures us that we can do anything that we put our minds to, especially what God has created you to do. The scripture  in Philippians 4:13 says,

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 

I for one truly believe that scripture and understand that what I was created for, I have all the tools I need to execute the plan God has for my life. Thing is many people are starting to understand the importance of their relationship with God and how it affects their life's purpose, but lack the confidence to do it and that's because they lack the confidence in themselves.

Joyce' Meyer's book "How to Succeed At Being Yourself," is a great read for those who may be struggling in this area. It targets important key points of how to accept yourself and your weaknesses, how to deal with fear and rejection, developing your gifts and moving forward letting go of the past and moving towards your destiny.

I challenge you to read this book and really push yourself to push beyond your self doubt and walk in the confidence of who God made you to be.
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