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Hair Care | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  | By Mary Taylor

 Long hair seems to be a goal that every woman desires. After all, the scripture does say
 “If a woman’s hair is long, it is her glory!”(1 Corinthians 11:15) Well, indeed it is!!
Often times we witness women who have longer hair receive increased attention and public appeal, while those who do not, seek to achieve a longer look by adding weaves or extensions.. I’ve even heard the saying that if you don’t have it, Buy it!” Well, as convenient as that may sound, it brings much more gratification to a woman to be able to grow beautiful long hair on her own. The satisfaction that comes along with that notion is just mind boggling.. Every woman wants it, and research to discover how to attain it is on the rise!
Lately, I’ve become a little obsessed with length…..And yes! I know I know.. I should practice patience like the hair gurus displayed in the above visual purport (The Secret To LONG Natural Hair! (feat. Taren916, UrbanBushBabes & HeyFranHey But, honestly that is easier said than done.  So lately, I have been trying different things to help promote healthy hair and accelerated hair growth. I’ve tried a bit of a lifestyle change, which consist of eating cleaner, adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet, and including exercise as a regular part of my routine. Along, with this I have been taking vitamins such as Biotin and MSM, and I’ve been protective styling.  But as I stated earlier, I’ve become a bit OCD when it comes to the whole idea of longer hair, so I started researching alternative ways to achieve longer hair. In my research I came across what is considered to be “The GREENHOUSE EFFECT (GHE), or what others call the Baggy method, which in my opinion are one in the same. In coming across this approach, I thought.. Hmm.. This isn’t difficult and it could actually work.
So what is the Greenhouse Effect? Simple enough, it is producing an environment for your hair that will allow moisture to be retained, therefore increasing hair growth. It was made popular by Mika Lishauna over at  It has the potential to help reduce breakage, promote growth, and leave your strands looking and feeling moisturized. This process is easy and anyone can do it! All you need is a baggy, a 100% natural oil, water, and fingers for massaging. Easy right?

In the evening before bed simply apply a natural oil of your choice (coconut oil is my favorite), mist your hair with water so that it is damp, massage your scalp for about a minute to stimulate body heat, put on your baggy, and add a bonnet or scarf to trap in the heat. Sleep with your hair in this manner overnight, remove in the morning and style as usual. These simple steps will make a world of difference in your hair! I tried it for about 2 months and I noticed results in my hair. 

Check out Mika Lishauna’s video on her youtube channel for a more detailed view of this process.

Happy Curls Happy Girl!


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