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February 27, 2015 | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  | By Dominique Parks

In this day and age, lots of women have either been on a blind date, been to a speed date event or we know someone who has.  Normally, you end up in one of these situations when a friend matches you up with someone they know is single or you’re dragged out by that single friend who is in search of love.  When it comes to both of these scenarios, you see your date upon arrival.  More than likely, you’re already judging this person based on their looks before you even reach the table and speak to one another.  Now imagine this- what if you were on a speed date but you couldn’t see the person you’re on the date with and they couldn’t see you?  They’re sitting right there directly across from you, but you could only see their eyes and lips because their head is covered with a brown paper bag.  Seriously, this is really happening now.  It’s a blind speed date…literally!

Sounds crazy, right?  So here’s how it works.  You go on a total of 30 dates for two minutes each.  After the two minutes is up, you switch to the next person.  Keep in mind that the whole time, your heads are covered.  At the end you can go back to the ones that sparked your interest and you both remove the bag. 
So what do we think about this?  I personally think it’s a good idea.  People are so quick to turn someone away before getting to know them based on their looks alone, but you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  There are some very attractive people out there, but they have horrible demeanors.  Their personality alone makes them an ugly person.  Then you have the ones that you may not be attracted to in the beginning, but they have such a charming a sweet personality and a heart of gold, which makes them attractive.  How many of you have watched the singing competition show, ‘The Voice’?  It’s just like that.  On the show, the coaches chairs are turned away from the stage so they can only hear the person singing.  They don’t get to see how they look, their attire or their moves on stage.  Their judgment of the person singing is based on their voice alone.

We as a society shouldn’t be so quick to turn someone down who could possibly be our soul mate because of his or her looks.  We’ve got to do better.  Compatibility is not based on someone’s looks.  It’s based how well you communicate with one another, how they make you feel, if they have the same wants and goals in life and so much more than just looks.  Take the time to get to know someone’s heart, mind and soul- because that’s what makes them beautiful.  
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  1. The Bible doesn't condone dating, which is a worldly concept of finding a mate. The Word states, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord," (Proverbs 18:22). "Find" indicates discovering this person through the direction of God. In other words, both parties should be waiting for God to speak to them. Dating multiple people in hopes of finding the "right one" is problematic for all sorts of reasons. Investing time, money, and emotions in the wrong person only hurts you in the end. Not to mention you run the risk of choosing this person instead of the one who God intended. It's time we stand on what the Word says regarding God-centered relationships.


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