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Faith | LOVE EMBRACE INSPIRE  | By Catherine Manning

You walk down a tree lined trail. Half way through the trail you find a natural spring. The water is cupped by limestone that creates a sapphire hue in the sunlight. You are amazed that such a place exists. You want to dip your fingers inside the icy water until they tingle. You never want to lose this moment. Why can’t we feel this way about our faith? 

As children, we walked through every moment with wonder. Everything was met with excitement. During rainy days we ran outside to dance and laugh. When we first learned about Jesus we felt the same way. There was joy that we were not alone in this big world and we never once questioned the love God had for us. As children we knew we were good enough to earn his answered prayers. But then we started to grow and change. The expectations of our everyday, busy lives forced us to ignore the simple blessings of the world he gave us. We forgot his hand in our lives and forgot that we were not alone. We lost our childlike faith.

Having faith in God does not have to be difficult. We do not have to be blind to the beautiful world he gave us. We do not have to live a life that brings us stress and doubt. We can place all our worries and struggles onto his shoulders. God is strong enough to carry the weight. He wants to set us free. But, only an unquestionable faith can liberate us.

The goal to regain your unwavering faith may take some time. I do not have all the answers and you may not either, but take the time to sit somewhere magical whether it be a natural spring in mid-day or a striking sunset over the ocean. Find your place and open your ears. God will speak to you in his own way. You have to lose yourself in the moment to finally realize his place in your life. He is here to comfort and love you. All he wants is for you to believe in him, in return, with all your heart.    

Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. 
~ Matthew 18:3


  1. Thanks you Catherine for this post. I needed this!

  2. Empowering! :)


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