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Have you ever felt like your days are just passing you by and you’re taking it day by day. You want a quick pick me up without all the hustle and bustle of your everyday lives. Today I am going to share some quick tips to get you going for seven days. If you’re not a morning person like I use to be. I can relate but now I love mornings. When you wake up in the morning you feel this urgency whether you have a job or go to school or a Stay at Home Mom or Dad. Sometimes you just feel like blah…I know the feeling. There are so many techniques that people tell you to use in order to get yourself going in the morning. They tell you to work out, sometimes working out in the morning makes you feel more tired. Nobody likes to go to work tired and drained. Then for some of us, we get energized right! They also tell you to eat a full breakfast, which breakfast gives you the fuel you need to concentrate. I beg to differ. Have a granola bar or fruit and take it to go. These quick tips of seven ways to jumpstart your day in seven days may be just the strategy you need especially for us busy folks. When you have a full time job, children’s dance or karate classes and a full house, time is limited. Enjoy and let me know how it’s working for you.

Sunday is start of the week:
Quick Tip 1 – Do household chores early in the morning before everyone wakes up

Quick Tip 2 – Get your wardrobe together for the next seven days. Instead of a buying lunch make your lunch at home. Leftovers are always great!!!

Quick Tip 3 – Get up fifteen minutes early than you normally do and just be thankful (pray)

Quick Tip 4 – Pick up book you have been meaning to read and read a Chapter on your way to work, school or at home for 30 minutes.

Quick Tip 5Choose a hobby or take up a class you always wanted to take and have fun.

Quick Tip 6 Have Family Game Night or Date Night or listen to some music and just dance around the house

Quick Tip 7Prepare your Saturday and Sunday dinner early in the morning instead of the afternoon or evening

I hope you enjoyed these quick tips. Feel free to use them as many times as you like and switch them up as well. You will see how much more time in your day you will have to relax. Remember to have fun while doing them.


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  1. I can handle this! Much better tips than what I've read in the past. THANK YOU!


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