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Have you ever been inspired by someone else’s tenacity on achieving their goals? Or do you look at other people accomplishments and wondered, ‘why not me’? Do you have a special niche that you think that can become a business? Well, the great news is that we all have something to give but we have to get those degrading comments that come as soon as we decide, or even think about, to try. The Bible says in Mark 9:23-24:

Jesus said to the father, “Why did you say ‘if you can’? All things are possible for the one who believes.” Immediately the father shouted, “I do believe. Help me to believe more!” (ERV). 

Then the Holy Spirit will whisper to you saying to never think what you have to offer is insignificant. There will always be someone out there that needs what you have to give. POWERFUL. Right then and there, you can decide to go for it. You don’t want to be at the end of your life and have any regrets for not at least trying.

So take the first step and start, and then just as simple as that, you are an entrepreneur. You may not have a million dollar portfolio but that does not diminish you of the title of Entrepreneur. Remember that Abraham in the Holy Bible do not start following his destiny until in his old age. If you really believe that God has power then do not ever allow your current situation to deter your faith. At any age, at any stage of your life, and with or without a college degree, opportunities are just waiting for you but you have to go for it. Make sure to always be thankful first because that will open the door to Him and God will give us chance. Do not care what other people think.

God only needs us to make one-step and he will take care of the rest. But we have to be open and audacious in pursue of this. With any setbacks that come along the way, try to look at it as a God ordained opportunity. And truly step out on faith and try new things along the way in this entrepreneurial journey that you are on. Even though you may start off pursuing a specific thing, God will have other opportunities just pop up that will take you out of your comfort zone but these are working together to put us on our entrepreneurial path. Then you will discover that when things come up and if it scares you, it might be a great thing to try. Because whenever God is about to bless you, the devil will try to sow a vision of discord in your life.
So let’s not minimize our dreams just to fit where we are now. We just need to boost our conviction to match our destiny. Go ahead, make a plan, and start on Step one. I promise you once you make that step then you are on your way to your entrepreneurial dream.

Believe in Your Magic,



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